Anarkalis Haul ~ Ethnic Fashion

 If you are following up on this blog for a while now, you will know that recently it was buzzing with the news of a big fat wedding. This haul was made 2 months ago (close to the wedding).

The main idea behind the haul was splurging on some wearable, not-so-heavy-yet-gorgeous anarkalis. You know how much drama goes behind an Indian wedding so you can imagine what fun it was shopping for all of these! :D

The awesome Bling Sparkle Trio *ehem* went shopping and this is what we picked from our haul! All of them look prettier in reality!

My Fav:
I think this was the classiest and most chic Anarkali of the lot! I loved the colour and the minimal detailing. I am not too found of collar necks but this one's simply perfection! 
It has detailing in the back side too. I love love love it!!

This one didn't photograph well. It's not that bad in reality. It's kinda nice to wear on a simple occasion! The latkan detailing is fab!

 This is the one shown in the first pic. It's very different from others. The design is kinda unique! Also, there's no lays in the borders so this one's considerably lighter than others. Comfy too.

 This one's another beauty! Don't know why but the colour pink always catches my eye. I always end up buying a pink! :D It has detailing on the sleeves too and the kalis are considerably more in this suit.
All of them were bought from an outlet in Majestic, Bangalore. 
What's your favourite? Do let us know in the comments!


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