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Women and shopping are two things that are inseparable ! Be it a happy occasion, a festive occasion, a party occasion, a celebrative occasion or even a breakup  wala occasion we always have reasons to shop!
I remember a time when shopping meant a BIG task for us. Not to forget the ‘What to wear ?’ syndrome that would hit us before we would jog out to shop at the mall or the streets. Then there was this carry cash and change ( or you might end up owning chocolates which you have no interest to eat!) , putting up with nakhra wala autos ! Finally we would reach our destination and end
up buying a product that will be on sale the next weekend. Blah ! I am not telling the shopping part was’t fun but hey dressing up every time I had to go out shopping was hellish !
Well that was the past but now thanks to online shopping I shop to my hearts content, compare prices, get cash back  *cheeky grin* , use coupons and shop at the best prices , right from my bed ! No dressing up , no getting up *Mini happy dance* :P
So yes lets give it up for the incredible changes in shopping online ! hail internet! Hail Comfort ! Hail She-commerce !
2015 has been a shoppers paradise for me , with increase in competition among e-commerce portals , customers ie us are the ones  benefit the most ! Either Flipkart is coming up with Big  app shopping Days or Snapdeal is coming up with Dil ki deal. Or be it  amazon winning hearts with its super value days and ebay with its lowest price sale !
I have been shopping like crazy lately and in the past few months it has been a heavy courier affair at my doorstep ! Sharing with you a few purchases of mine from different e-com portals and how much I have been wanting to splurge again :D
Myntra :
Myntra shopping haul
anouk, meira , shopping escapade
Shopping tip for Myntra: Keep an eye for their flash sales ! You can get everything you want at half rates ! Also ever since Myntra went the app way I never got the time shop from it, I look forward to shop from their app :D
Amazon shopping experience
Rain and rainbow
Amazon shopping review
Shopping tip for Amazon: Amazon has great offers along with cashback ! They have these secret sales ( that’s because they hardly advertise these sales!) where you might end up shopping everything on clothing and footwear for flat 80% off ! YES ! Plus they have super value days on every 1st and 2nd of the month where you get amazon giftcards if you shop from their super value sec! Awesome isn’t it?
Flipkart awesomeness
 Flipkart shopping haul
Shopping tip for Flipkart : APP ! Download the app and keep a lookout for the ‘Deal of the day’ ! Gone are the days where you bought things from WS Retail because they gave you free shipping on orders above INR 500. Flipkart now has thousands of sellers who offer excellent products with reasonable shipping and lowest prices ! LOVE LOVE LOVE FLIPKART :*
And no its better to shop on Flipkart when don’t have these sales running because as far as I have experienced they have far more better prices when they don’t have the advertised sales !
Homeshop18 haul
home shp18 shopping haul
Shopping tip:  Follow them on twitter to keep up with their offers and discounts !
Ebay :
Ebay shopping experience
ebay shopping haul
Shopping tip for Ebay : Anything unique you were on the look will be available on ebay ! Everything ! Best to splurge here when you want buy gifts !
Limeroad :
Limeroad haul
Limeroad shopping at best rates
Shopping tip for Limeroad: Keep a lookout for their buy 1 get 1 free sales !
Snapdeal experience
snapdeal haul sale
Shopping tip for Snapdeal: Sellers ! Always see the price offered by other sellers in the same product ! If a product is selling for INR 5999 , the same product from another seller is up for INR 1999 ! Careful!
Psssst: Detailed posts of al the shopping hauls coming up soon on the blog ! keep a lookout for them ! \:D/
until next time

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