Creating a Vision of Your Dream Wedding and How You Want It to Be

Day that every woman has been planning since she was five years old: her wedding day. Even thou years and years pass, when the day finally comes, you find yourself overwhelmed by everything you have to decide and do.
Once you set the budget, the planning can finally start, and if you got lost and do not know where to begin now that it is really happening, we are here to guide you and make the entire process easier for you and your better half.  
Set The Date
First of all, before you even start planning the details, you have to decide on the day of the ceremony. Think about the season, the weather and the temperature, as it influences your every other decision. So if you have always dreamed of wedding in the open, summer is your best option, but if you are afraid that your entire party will melt in high temperatures, then winter wonder is the better option.
Fairytale Venue
However, every season can surprise you, and planning a summer wedding does not mean that you are a hundred percent safe in the open. At any time the rain can come poring down, and you will have to move, or worse, postpone the ceremony. That is why it is important to choose the location that has both the perfect indoors as well as the outdoors, so that you can switch to one or another the last minute if necessary.  

The Little Ones
When it comes to the ceremony itself, check if you have something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. However, even before you come walking down the aisle, your flower girl is the one that captures the attention of all the guests. She is just as important as you are, so make sure that she looks absolutely adorable in her little princess dress, with a floral crown that matches the petals she scatters from her flower basket.
Also, the ring bearer should not be forgotten, as he is there by the groom, standing in one of his little boy’s suits that matches the rest of the groomsmen. It is actually these two little ones that give you to one another, and make the ceremony even more special.  
Friends and Family
After the date and the venue are set, bride and groom are dressed, many feel like they are done with preparation, but there are still many things to consider. It is in fact your day, but you have to think about all the people who are there with you to witness one of the most important events of your life, as they should be comfortable too.
Make sure that everyone are greeted by the usher and seated, both before the ceremony and the reception. Dedicate some time to organize them, find the perfect place for every aunt and uncle, and keep certain people together at the table. Chairs should be comfortable, tables should be decorated with beautiful centerpieces, and food should suit everyone’s taste, so nobody goes home hungry.

Finally, when the day comes, remember just one thing: it is all about you two. It is over, everything is set, sometimes things might not go as planned, but it does not matter anymore. The only thing that does matter is the fact that you two love each other, and that your dearest friends and family members are there with you to celebrate.
Content by: Guest Author Christina Nika

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