Date Night Fashion Fix ~ #WhatToWear

Occasion or not, we women want to look fab everyday! Humko toh bas ek bahana chahiye boss! *winks* So, when we don't miss even simple bahanas like night tea or morning workout to doll up, what about dressing up for a romantic night ahead? Here are five fab outfits put together by me which will make your date night rock.

#1 Fairytale Attire:
Going for your dream date? Are you a fairy tale-stricken girl? Then this attire will surely make your dream date strike the right chords!

For a fairytale date, we advise you to choose a white, flowy, flaired dress with hints of coral or red. Go for a stylish hairstyle. A high bun with hair falling down at the backside will be a great option.

....and don't forget those signature glittery pumps. They'll help you in your Cinderella act ;)

#2: Midnight Party Date:
Meeting your date at a party? It's best to go with a cute little dress adorned with blingy accessories and a cute hat. You can hide those tired marks with those shades! Letting your hair loose is best on a party date.

#3: A Date Full On Attitude:

Want your attitude to stand out on your date? Then this look which is full of drama will suit you best! Wearing it, you can give him a message that you are not just 'any other girl' and show him who's the boss ;)

#4: Celeb-Inspired Outfits:
When you are out of options being a fan of fashion icons like Sonam Kapoor helps! Just check out some of her recent outfits and you'll be instantly inspired to don something pretty and appropriate for your day.

#5 Be your own stylist:
There's no word which states 'Fashion rules', fashion is everything pretty and gorgeous which works on your body! Create your own style, make a statement, stun him with the unusual! There's no need to follow the current trend, just wear what you think will make you confident and accessorise well! :)

Have a spiffing night!
~ Bushra

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