Pay day Purchases for August: Makeup, Jewelry & Bag haul!

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August was a very long month of hot weather and hard work. The wait for payday stretches out in front of you and the weather sucks to such an extent that you sweat even in air conditioning. Have I made enough excuses for splurging on some new products yet? I did a little bit of travelling in August and the work load seemed to double up once I returned back home! I think now that the month has come to an end it does call for some treats up my sleeve and what better way to celebrate my payday time so I went shopping :D ! ;)
Lengloy sling bag pink Diana Korr Flipkart
My first visit was to my beloved to pick up a sling bag which I was in real need off . I’ll tell you the reason behind the purchase of this sling bag. I added a sling bag on my wish list ever since my previously loved and million times used E20 sling bag’s chain broke off :’( and I had to purchase a replacement asap to subside the pain of losing a fav sling bag :P . I bought this cute sling bag in pink color but the brand Lengloy sent me a damaged product for which I got a replacement in no time. So no complaints here, I am totally loving my new bag buy!
With the sale, and a cheeky extra discount on the Flipkart app I got this spoil baby for just INR 599! *Yay* 
Ethnic accessory
My shopping is incomplete if I have not splurged on a beautiful pair of earrings and guess what I ended up buying two of them this time, blame the weather ! ha ! :p
Bangles for every occassion
Next I splurged upon some ethnic bling bangles! My favorite ethnic accessory ! The first set of bangles is a box of colorful plastic studded bangles to match with every rain and rainbow outfit of mine :P I already received a dozen compliments while they were on my slim wrists ;) So super yay to them! I bought them from a store in a place called Mohammadi near Lucknow city! Now you know why they are so pretty ! The other set of bangles in light pink and white were just a random buy and I can hardly wait to flaunt them !
Since I indulged in a lot of travelling in August I got the chance to pick up some finest products across the places I travelled. My next purchase was double linked two finger rings in gold and silver. They are a unique set of stretch rings and I can’t wait to flaunt them on a festive event! Every woman should own these pieces of statement jewellery in their style wardrobe!
Hair clip studded shop
My last buy in the jewellery sec included a beautiful bow shaped white stone studded hair holder clip from Lucknow ! It was love at first sight for this one. A jeweled hair accessory you are often going to see me flaunting :D
All of the jewellery I bought can be worn separately on simple occasions or even at weddings and parties !
Cheeky glow, Lakme absolute, Nivea
It’s the season of chapped lips hence my next purchase was two lip balms from my favorite lip balm brand Nivea ! These two (Pomegranate and Cherry) along with peach are my 3 favorite lip balms from Nivea’s #BFF new range of lip balms (reviews of the lip balms coming up in the next post)! I also bought a Maybelline Cheeky glow blush which was on my wish list from a very long time from now. My next buy in the makeup section was Lakme Shine Line Black Eyeliner from Lakme’s Absolute range. I had heard good reviews about it and bought it on a sale of 25% off on
Hair care
My next purchase was a roots comb as my previous roots comb accidentally broke and I had to replace it with a new one. I also bought a random comb to brush my wet hair after bathing.
Traditional trend accessory: Latkans
Traditional accessories
My purchases would be incomplete if I din’t splurge on a pair of latkans ! No guessing here, I ended up buying three pairs ! All so beautiful ! You can read more about latkans here.
The month of August was a promising one and I am happy to have shopped for some of the most blingy and lovely things ! Hopefully September turns out to be as good as August !
Haul review
What about you ? Did you shop to your heart’s content the previous month? temme!
Until Next time
Najmun Nissa

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