7 Unique Sarees You can Wear On Your Cocktail!

Yes, you read it right. It's one thing to go western on your cocktail party and another to make a statement with a Saree. Indo-western looks are quite in the trend these days and are loved by everyone for the uniqueness and elegant look they have to offer.

If you are a die hard saree lover who doesn't want to ditch the six feet beauty even on a western themed party or simply a statement loving Bride-to-be who would like to turn all heads towards her on her cocktail - here is some inspiration for you to ditch those stereotyped cocktail gowns and GO SAREE on your cocktail!

The Cape Saree
We have talked about this style before in this post. Capes are a rage these days for their sheer beauty and elegance. Add them to your saree and give your traditional saree an instant modern twist. This style will surely make you look stand out. The best part is that a cape saree will make for a perfect and more than appropriate outfit for a cocktail!

If you are not the bride and attending a cocktail than you can go for a simpler version of this unique cape saree. If you want to go for  a bling saree than keep the accessories minimal, we don't want to overshadow the bride now do we! :) For brides, you can simply opt for an embellished saree with a net cape or vice versa.

Get This Look On Budget: If you are having difficulty hunting for the perfect cape to suit your saree than ask your tailor to design one for you. Wear the same cape on a contrasting beautiful saree which your Mom bought for you as a pre-wedding gift! :) Capes are available by many brands, buy one which suits your saree and desig your own look.

Floral Saree
Anything floral naturally has that neutral aura to it and a floral saree can be the best pick for a bride on her cocktail! The best thing about floral sarees is that they can make you look glam and gorgeous even if you opt for an accessory-less look! The floral fever is raging high among Indian designers and you can easily find the perfect floral saree for you from different labels.

Get This Look On Budget: If you are on a budget or just not keen on wearing a label on your cocktail then there's good news! At least 2 out of every 5 saree outlets on every shopping street in India stock up on floral sarees, you'll easily find something you like. :)

Pant Saree:
This is another rage among Indian designers and something which every Bollywood actress has worn atleast once! Many designers, especially Anamika Khanna is experimenting a lot with this style of sarees and you can see different designs of this Indo-western blend worn by actresses for their film/promo launch events. A pant saree will be perfect to give your cocktail outfit a fun twist.

You can opt for a pant saree on your cocktail if the party is at a beach or nearby a swimming pool or simply on a day when you want a hassle free saree drape!

Get This Look On Budget: Buy a palazzo/pant and a dupatta with exactly the same colour and a jacket of the contrasting colour. Drape the dupatta on your pant and jacket like a saree and you are done!

Tunic Saree:

It's your saree with a kurta! This one has to be chosen very promptly as a slight fault can ruin the whole look. The whole look of a tunic saree depends on what kind of kurta you are wearing and how well you have paired it with your saree. If you can do it right, this will for sure be a complete head turner as it is a style which is rarely opted for due to its demanding styling. Our tip is to keep the kurta simple(prints will do) and drape a sequined saree on it. You can also go for a heavily embellished kurta paired with a simple saree with a contrasting drape!

Get This Look On Budget:
Pair your favourite short kurta with a contrasting saree and drape the pallu of the saree above the jacket. Pin the pallu of the saree in plates on your shoulder using safety pins. Done!

Half Saree:
Quite famous in the south, Half sarees are another rage among saree lovers. These have a very traditional touch to them and styling them right can make several heads turn towards you!

I personally loved the different vibrant and elegant half sarees which Deepika Padukone wore in the movie Chennai express. You can opt for a western hairdo or accessorize it with ear cuffs and stuff like that to give the half saree a cocktail touch. Choose vibrant coloured minimal embellished or better still, zero embellished half saree for your cocktail. Too many sequins will make it look like your wedding day than your cocktail!
Get This Look On Budget: Take your most vibrant and elegant looking lehenga choli and drape its dupatta like a saree pallu and secure with pins. That simple!

Gown Saree:
This one is a favourite among everyone who wants to make a statement and yet not go out of the traditional bandwagon! A Gown sraee will make sure that no one else overshadows the pretty bride-to-be and help you gain so many compliments which will make your pro-bridal skin glow in joy! :)
There are hundreds of options in the gown saree from various Indian and International designers. But if you want to get the look on a budget, here's the cheat:

Get This Look On Budget: Wear a gown you picked up at a random sale or simply buy a gown from your favourite local bargain shop. Drape a net/chiffon dupatta of exactly the same colour as your gown with the help of safety pins and voila! You just created a designer label! ;)

The Slit Saree:
The best way to turn any outfit into a western one is a slit. Even a small slit on your gown can instantly give it the oomph factor. If you are comfortable with a slit you can opt for a split saree for your cocktail as this would be the best pick! If you don't want to show your skin than just opt for a skin coloured stalking/pant below the saree. The limelight of this look is that you get to play with the blouse and frills of your saree. Opt for trendy embroidered/net or slightly sheer blouses and strictly western hair up dos! Go light on the accessories and remember to flaunt your best pair of shoes! ;)

Get This Look On Budget: Wear a slit western skirt and drape a matching colour dupatta with neat plates. Let the excess part of the dupatta fall like a saree pallu on the back. Secure with safety pins.

Excite to try all these chic types of sarees now are we!! :D So what are you waiting for! Pick your favourite kind and work on getting it right asap. :)

Happy Draping! ;)
~ Bushra

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