7 ways to use Jasmine (mogra) in Weddings! Flower Power !

Use of floral decor in Weddings Flower Power
Expensive clothes, Designer jewelery, celebs dancing at a wedding , groom wearing a garland made up of dollars…anything you do, let me tell you it does not compare to the beauty that flowers can bring to a wedding! Mind you I am not pointing towards the good old flower garlands Asians use at their weddings. Flowers have the kind of power that can complete the whole wedding look, be it the flower decorations, or the flowers adorned by a bride, flowers can alone make a wedding look spectacular, a bride look beautiful and guests adorning them look exotic!
Be it roses, lilies or marigold, they all have the power to add grandeur to weddings! Last sunday i was out shopping at Shivajinagar in Bangalore and there was a huge crowd around a woman selling pretty jasmine flowers! I remember my family shopping for Jasmine flowers every time a wedding was approaching, that is when i realised the importance of this particular flower at weddings!
The mogra or Jasmine’s scent is a favorite among many and works like magic. A single little flower or even a mogra bud gives away such wonderful scent that no matter what you are doing, you have to stop what you are doing, take a deep breath and be enchanted by the beauty of this flower.  Its not surprising that women across India use mogra to dress up their hair, homes and use it as jewelry! 
These gorgeous flowers can bring alive any wedding ! If are you are planning on using this flower in your wedding here are seven ways you can put these flower in use :
1. Wedding Decor:
exotic floral decor for weddings
Don’t we all want our weddings to be perfect with the best theme, decor and concept!The Decor at a wedding is an extremely important aspect of the entire Wedding Planning process. Theme based weddings are the one’s that are trending and what better theme then a mogra themed wedding ! the fragrance and beauty of these flowers is sure to make your wedding a memorable one and designers /Planners have a whole lot of ideas to get you the best wedding decor made from these sweet flowers! The jasmine flower can be used to make your wedding a lovely and romantic one! The white hue and strong fragrance of these flowers are also considered auspicious by many!
2.Bridal Jewelry Set :
floral jewellery made with jasmine Any one of you remember Aiswarya rai Bachan at her mehendi ceremony? Fully decked up in bridal floral jewellery made up of the beautiful mogra flower ! Yes ! If you want to get a unique and set apart look from others its best to choose floral jewellery ! I myself have adorned mogra jewellery during mehendi ceremonies of my friends..it a fun way ! Surely a woman loves her diamonds but jewellery out of fresh flowers ttend to turn into extremely gorgeous ornaments to adorn! The trend of wearing fresh flowers as jewellery is on the rise. The hath phool, maatha patti,bracelets, bangles and neckpieces made out of mogra are on the rise! This trend is not only for brides or to-be-brides , floral jewellery can be worn in a wedding or wedding related functions !Let me tell you there are no restrictions to wearing floral ornaments. Even if you are a bridesmaid, a friend or a relative of the bride, you can totally wear floral jewellery made up of the beautiful jasmine! But its important to be careful when adorning them and to not overdoing the jwellery part!. Do keep your jewellery designs simple and the co-ordinations of flowers in it minimal.
3. Bridal Hairstyles :
hairstyles with flowers, gajra, mogra in hair
4.Mogra Mandap :
Wedding decor , flower wedding themesGet the help of professionals and get your mandap mogra-lized ! A mandap with mogra decor is a creative vision and make you the centre of flower bliss! These mogra decorations at your mandap will help you make the solemn occasion more romantic and refreshing.
5. Wedding Room Decorations:
QWedding first night decor, We all know the importance of a wedding night in the life of the newlyweds! The couple to be wed make sure their first moment of togetherness is amidst beauty and flowers.. This is mostly practiced in Asian countires like Pkistan, India, Sri Lanka etc..Simple wedding room decoration designs have their own beauty and value. If the decor of the bed is done with mogra, then the room would look like a paradise. Undoubtedly mogra flowers canmake it the happiest day of the newlywed’s life.
6. Flower Shower:
Mogra used as confetti after a weddingOnce the newlyweds exchange garlands , the guests and closed ones come to shower their blessings on them by thorwing and showering them with flowers, what better way to bless them than showering thrm with these beautiful flowers !
7. Wedding Garland (The Classic Vermala):
Vermala , mogra jaimala, wedding garlands
Exchanging garlands is also considered one of the most important rituals of a traditional Indian wedding. Even the weddings at the west have caught up with this trend and i have seen many of them excahnge garlands because they found this ritual traditional and auspicious! The Arabian Jasmine (mogra) symbolises the emotion of blessing and piety and hence is one of the best options to have wedding garlands made from this flower. The best thing is they contrast well with the bride’s red/pink/contrasting color outift ! Pick mogra vermalas as they tend to complement the colour of the wedding outfits.
Mogra flower power
The usage of mogra gives your wedding an ethnuc delight! Jasmine or Mogra flowers have all the potential to transform an ordinary looking venue into a breathtaking spectacle !
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Najmun Nissa

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