A Guide Into Flaunting Floral Jewelry On Your Mehendi

 Mehendi is one overy important indian wedding rituals followed in India by people from almost every faith and community. It's that time of your wedding when you get to pamper your hands with Mehendi while chatting and dancing with friends and family.

While choosing your Mehendi outfit the first thing you have to keep in mind is comfort backed with loads of colour. Your outfit should speak volumes of fun and have a carefree vibe to it. For outfit inspiration visit  our Style guide: What to Wear to your Mehendi

Coming to the jewelry part, this function is where you get to experiment the most . Brides almost always turn away from their usual gold jewelry for mehendi and opt for unique stuff like gota accessory, lace jewellery or the very popular florals. Flowers have been a favorite for this occasion with majority of brides probably because brides want to keep it fresh and organic in tune with the mehendi theme . Floral jewelry also comes cheaper than your gold jewelry and the variety offered is simply amazing .

You can use floral jewelry to up the visual interest of your mehendi and it will add a lot of colour to your event. If you are a creative person all you need is different kind of flowers  to string up your own special jewelry by running your imagination wild but if you dont have time on hands just get them made from floral vendors in your city .

The simplest floral jewelry can be made from jasmine flowers (mogra) intertwined with small roses. You can just google photos and ask your local vendors to replicate it for you. Roses are easily available almost everywhere going for only rose floral jewelery is also easy ( Visit here if you need help making floral jewlery)

||Floral jewelry, if you plan to wear should have 4 main accessories||

  • The Matha Patti or Tikka : A string of flowers with a huge contrasting flower as a tikka will serve as head jewellery . If you want you can extend this off like a matha patti 

  • Garland or phoolon ka haar: This is the necklace part of floral jewelery but to keep things comfortable brides opt for long garland kind of haars in the same color and flower scheme of your Matha patti 

  • Floral Earrings : This could be tricky if your are making the jewelry yourself . you can use earring hooks (fishing wire) available at bangle or craft stores and string flowers in it to make it easily wearable in ears or you can even just make a long string and wear the jewelry across your earlobe 

  •  Floral bracelet : This is the simplest part and i suggest you just take a string of mogra (or any other flower you are using) and wind it around your hand becuase you will have to remove this while applying mehendi on your arms. If you are done applying mehendi then wear a floral hathphool 

You can add in more accessories as per your tastes like a floral hair wreath, floral clips, flowers in fishtail braids, waist chains (kamarbandh), arm lets, jhoomar, payal, hathphool, nath etc

For more colour in your mehendi look try contrasting flowers with your outfit. Wearing green lehenga? Then opt for sunny yellow flowers . If your outfit is blue contrast it off with bright pink flowers . This will look amazing in your photographs.

Floral jewelery with beads  are in trend these days, they look more sophisticated and elegant. See how this bride wore metallic gold beads with rose flowers.

If  too much of flowers aren't your thing then go in for just one statement floral accessory . This works well if your outfit has a lot of colour in it, just add a single signature jewelry like the floral earrings this bride wore or the hair wreath Ahana deol wore.

If you want to go all out and glam up then you can even wear a fresh mogra floral dupatta . I recently saw a Muslim bride wear it and she looked amazing and unique. You can even layer off flowers over your dupatta drape. If dupatta isn't your thing go in for a south Indian style flower choti. It's simply chic! :D

For a more funky or a contemporary look on your mehendi wear a deep back gown and accessorize your back with flowers.

Dont forget to dance the night away. Also include these Best Mehendi songs in your Playlist
For more Ideas visit out Pinterest board Floral jewelry Ideas for Mehendi

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