17 Unique Rings to up your Style game this Season ~ #RingTrends

Accessory trends  are rapidly changing and evolving. In past few years fingers rings have seen a lot of innovation and now we have a huge variety of designs to pick from. There are double rings, connected rings, midi rings and so much more to get fashionistas excited.  We at bling sparkle are spying on celebs and people around us and bring to you 17, yes 17 hot and unique ways to dress your fingers and up the style game this season.

#1 Alphabet rings :
Why not wear quirky initials of words on your fingers? Now reflect your personality or mood not with quotes on tees but words on your fingers, isnt that fun?

#2 Two finger rings:
My favorite trend these days , this is sure to grab attention without you having to try too hard. You can choose from two finger connected chain rings or attached two finger ones.

#3 Three finger rings:
As if two finger rings werent enough , three finger rings are here to heat things up. I recently brought one of these by crunchy fashion from amazon.in  and iam loving it. they maybe a tiny bit uncomfortable what with 3 of your fingers sealed as one , but when put againt the number of stares and compliments you are going to fish it is simply nothing. Take my word for that.

#4 Nail Rings:
I have already mentioned these rings in 10 accessory trends to try . We at blingsparkle arent fans of nail polishes and so these rings are a boon for us helping our nails tell their own style story. They look amazing in close ups but make sure you have metallic paints handy for the rest of your fingers so they blend in make more impact.

#5 Finger ring and connected nail ring:
 If you thought nail rings were fun then check this finger ring cum nail ring. Double fun. Must try trend .

#6 Double chain linked Rings:
Two rings on the same hand linked by chains, look super quirky and fun.

#7 Midi rings
They are feminine and chic, they are midi rings! Now put a ring on every part of your finger and make a statement.

 #8 Double chain linked midi rings:
love midi rings, add more drama with them by flaunting the chained midi rings, simple but not lacking in impact.

#9 palm cuff cum ring
palm cuffs are hot trend these days and now you can go a step forward try the palm cuff -ring trend. Dramatic and fun. love

#10 Bejewelled full finger ring:
Get all attention to your finger with the statement full finger ring .

#11  Bar ring
 want really stand out? look different, wearing this bar ring is a sure shot way to do so!

#12 Stack them up:
Cant get enough of rings? stack dainty delicate rings to make a statement!

#13 multi finger ring:
two fingers and three finger rings are a passe , try the multi finger aka four finger rings!

#14 square ring:
Rings are supposed to be round? said who? welcome the all new square rings!

#15 artsy funky ring:
Love funky and artistic stuff? Try these quirky rings and reflect the creative you

#16 Double pearl ring:
Pearl in rings are very popular these days, try the open double pearl ring which is the most sophisticated way to grab eye balls.

#17 Charm rings:
 You have worn bracelets with charms how about charms on your rings?
 sounds super fun right?

Which finger ring trend would you try ? Tell us! 

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