5 Amazing DIY Decor Ideas For Your Mehndi Which Will Leave Your Guests Awestruck

Mehndi is usually a small yet significant affair where you get to chill out a bit and relax with your loved ones before your big day. It's also one function where you can really make an effort to DIY the decor to make it more memorable!

Here are five fab Mehendi Decor ideas which will leave your guests awestruck:

Origami Decor:
This will be the most unique decor you have ever tried! Besides, it'll be loads of fun crafting paper! :) Start making your origami art a good Two weeks before your Mehndi. You can even ask your relatives/guests to help you out when they visit you. This will be loads of fun to do, will look fab when it's done and also leave you with unforgettable memories and valuable time spent with your family and friends. :)

Bangle Strings: 
All you have to do is gather all those bangles which you don't use and string them up to create a lovely colourful theme. You can even buy the bangles, you'll get them on a totally cheap rate from wholesale markets. :D get creative and add something unique and memorable like your family snaps or pre-wedding shot photographs at the ends of every bangle string. This will really add up to a memorable Mehendi.
Home-made Glass Bangle Candle Holders http://foodbetterbegood.blogspot.com/2013/06/glass-bangle-candle-holder.html:
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Colourful Dupattas:
Mehndi is a function where you get to experiment with a lot of colours. One very simple yet unique Mehndi decor you can DIY is colourful dupattas hanging from walls ceilings, the place where the bride will sit and anywhere else they'll look good! Choose bright and pompous colours which will be hard for the normal eye to miss. :D
Indian Fashion Scrapbook: Photo:

Umbrella Decor:
Yes, those are umbrellas. Isn't this a spiffing idea? I am loving it! The decor above looks quite tricky and tough but in reality, it's very easy to DIY. All you have to do is find a way to hold the umbrellas in place and sew flowers like tassels around it. You can always get creative and hang something else instead of the flower strings like bangle tassels or beaded chains.. anything you can work on!
Lounge seating :)#Repin By:Pinterest++ for iPad#:
colorful and budget friendly diy reception decor. Vintage umbrellas upside down, gorgeous! #wedding:

Tree Decor: 
Most of the Mehndis are carried out in the house gardens / backyard and if you have a tree or two in your Mehndi venue, it's time to include it in your decor! ;) If it's a day mehndi than decorate the Tree with gende ka phool or anything else you can think about. If it's a night affair than just light it up with those tiny lights which are quite the trend in every other wedding. You can even hang your favorite photographs from these trees using strings.
Creative ideas to showcase loving memories at an outdoor wedding.:
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Beltane Tree backdrop via @Beth Pearce  oooo...and i could use my 50 1.4 lens.  want to do this immediately for an engagement session.:
You can hang colourful ribbons like this. I think this is the most budget option and it will no doubt look lovely! :D

All of these are budget options which can totally rock your day and make it memorable and special! :)

Which of them do you like?

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