21 Stunning Lace Glove Mehendi Designs

Lacy gloves are worn by brides in the west on her wedding day to add to the elegant charm but in India brides flaunt their Henna patterned hands instead of covering them with gloves. A new trend has emerged which combines the style of a glove and the traditional beauty of mehendi in one , it is called the Lace glove mehendi.

Lace Glove Mehendi is very intricate and delicate mehendi patterns drawn at the back of your hands to give an illusion of you having worn a sheer lacy glove . These henna designs are a contemporary take on the traditional mehendi art and can be a modern brides best bet if she wants a fusion kind of a look.  these days brides dont prefer very heavy patterened designs which require bride to sit for hours with the henna artist and  such brides can also opt for lace glove henna for an edgy twist.

Brides are not the only ones who can flaunt the lace glove mehendi, everyone else can try this trend at festivals and at weddings of friends or sisters.  if you want to give the lace glove mehendi a try then here are 21 stunning designs to take inspiration from

Tips to flaunt the Lace Glove Mehendi:
- Make sure to keep the lines as thin and delicate as possible
- This trend is best suited for the back of your hands to give the lace effect , if you are not the bride try keeping your palms design free works well to give an added impact.
- You can add a touch of sparkle to these designs by embellishing them with glitter or swarovski crystals.
- These designs are best if you are want to go contemporary with a touch of tradition. Works best with Indo western fusion outfits like a sari gown, pant saree, crop top lehenga and anarkali gowns.
- if you are using a mehendi artist to get this design done choose an artist carefully because thick lines can really ruin the look.

 What do you think of the lace glove mehendi trend ? fab or drab? 

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