7 Hottest Sunglasses Trends for 2016 - #SummerStyle

Summer is here and its time to make sunglasses your best friends but make sure you opt for the right pair of shades to look stylish and protected from UV rays. So what kind of sunglasses are in style this year? Wayfarers, mirrored, cat eyes and mores lets have a look are the top sunglasses trends of 2016


Here I bring to you a list of top eyewear trends which are must haves this summer.

#1 The cats eye: This classic sunglasses style was a favourite with style icon Audrey Hepburn and now has made a comeback. this style is both bold and feminine, a stunning way to look stylish and elegant. Go over sized with sharp pointy edges for a high impact look.

#2 Bling on:
We at Bling sparkle love everything sparkling and dazzling and the latest embellished sunglasses trend is a hot favorite with us. Bejeweled sunglasses is the best way to add bit of glammy sparkle to your look in summer. Summer wedding are THE time to flaunt this trend , even otherwise go for subtle sophisticated bling and skip on every other jewelry especially earrings to turn eye balls.

#3 Bold over sized sunglasses: 
Go make a bold fashion statement with oversized sunglasses which give adequate sun protection by completely covering your eyes and areas around them. The over sized glasses trends is pretty popular with celebrities and is quiet in trend. Rocking the over sized sunglasses it very simple as you need to just dress in basics and let the shades grab attention, but people with small faces , stay away this trend may over whelm you.

#4 Wooden frames : Wooden sunglasses are the In thing this summer. Sunglasses frames made of real wood look effortlessly elegant and also have a earthy feel to them. You can choose from frames made of a range of woods like walnut, bamboo, rosewood or just opt for fake wood options.

#5 Round Frames: Go playful with a pair of round sunglasses which gives a laid back vibe making it perfect holiday shades. I recently spotted Kangana Ranaut, kareena kapoor and Ranvir singh wearing this trend. You can go for embellished frames, neon frames or frames with vintage touches

#6 Reflector Mirrored Lenses: Mirrored sunglasses are quiet a rage especially with celebs these days. Reflecting lenses are super glam and stand out in a nice fun way making a style statement. You can choose from a variety of frame styles and colours for the sunglasses lenses. The best way to flaunt this trend is to go for a basic mono chrome look and add colour pop with vibrant reflective lenses.

#7 Powder blue and soft pink:
Summer is best time to dress in light colours and pantone has picked two light shades as the trending colours this year - serenity and rose quart . Adopt these trending colours in sunglasses and cool this summer. Go for rose pink mirrored sunnies or sunglasses with powder blue frames.

I am personally loving the oversized sunglasses trend , which trend are you looking forward to flaunt? 

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