#BlogChallenge - Taking Up Challenges To Spice Up The Blog

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I have always loved challenges but it wasn't until I took up the challenge of the TATA Tiago Marathon that I realized how important challenges are to help you push your limits and realize your true potential.

Yes I am lazy... unless, you throw me a challenge! 

I can never resist a challenge. I love the excitement involved in a challenge, the vigor which helps me push my boundaries and to zest myself for the impossible. The best part of a challenge is no doubt accomplishing it and touching the zenith of all possibilities and proving that you have more to you than you yourself thought you had.

When I first started blogging, it was all exciting but somewhere down the line the excitement started to drop and both my blogs started getting a negative effect from it. Then came a day when I totally neglected blogging , not updating my blogs for months. The same is the case with other members on the blingsparkle team.

This morning we at BlingSparkle sat down and decided to take blogging a bit more seriously. I came up with the idea to take up weekly challenges and everyone on the Bling Sparkle team was excited with this idea and wanted it to begin ASAP. 

I agree that blogging is a passion and should come from within without being forced but we have so much to share, so many ideas, so many product reviews, most of them half written resting as drafts and this whole challenge this will hopefully get these drafts completed and published . 

The challenges start today so.. HIP HIP HURRAYY!! :D . Keep coming back everyday to read more new stuff on this blog . hoping this is a hit and an enjoyable ride for both us the writers and you the readers

This is gonna be SO fun!

Lots of love,
~ Bushra

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