5 Unique Types Of Tassels You Can DIY At Home - #Latkan Love

Gone are the days when Tassels were just a designer's game. Tassels aka Latkans are a rage now and can be bought in every shape and size from every second store.

When it comes to the beauty of an outfit, I believe it's all about the details and latkans are the best way of detailing your traditional outfit. You can wear them as your blouse tie up extensions in a saree, waist extensions in your lehenga or kurti back hanging and so much more - just run your imagination wild!

No Indian wedding is complete without flaunting away your latkans. But why wear that same round plain designs available everywhere? It's time for a tangy, eye catchy change. Also, I have seen that mostly all the latkans are expensive. You can easily DIY them at home without having to spend so why not try? It'll be fun! :D

 Here are 5 unique Tassels which are unique and which you can DIY at home without having to spend much:

Dream Catcher Tassels:

Dream catchers are world famous and they will definitely add that dreamy fairy tale zing to your wedding. They are thousands of territorials available on the web to make them and all you have to do is add an extension to the top so that you can attach them to your outfit. You can use old bangles to start with. This will be a total winner look! :D

Real Flower Tassels: 

You can easily DIY them. Choose the flowers which go well with your outfit and sew them to perfection! :D If you can get it right, they will make you a show stopper and all the eyes will be glued on you!

Tassels made of cloth:
Latkans don't always have to be a metal and bead affair. Latkans made of cloth can look way prettier. The best part is they won't cost you much and will be a budget friendly option. You can even DIY them at home! :D *Ping us if you want a DIY tutorial*

Earring Tassels: Turn your earrings into latknas!
You own a piece of big, heavy earrings which look gorgeous but you don't wear often - it's time to get them out and DIY them to turn it into latkans! :D This is the easiest DIY I tell you and it will quite pretty! :)

Mirror Tassles:
Mirror work tassels are quite famous and you can DIY them at home itself. If you know a little bit knitting then you can get amazing results. Use small mirrors in the middle and decorate the outer border with fancy hanging. You can use your broken earrings or simply funky beads. These will look quite chic on your lehenga! 

Which of these awesome DIY latkans will you be trying today?

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