11 Best Peacock Henna Mehndi Designs

Henna Mehndi is one art we women absolutely love applying. Mehndi is for all occasions, be it weddings, festivals or even normal days ~ Henna is always on our 'I want' list! There's something about this intricate tattoo art which gets to you and you want to keep applying it again and again.
I think Henna mehendi is totally sexy, especially when it comes to Henna Peacock designs! :D So if you are hosting a summer wedding or just want to apply Henna Peacock on your hands just for the fun of it, here are some amazing peacock designs to get you started! :)

I love this design, especially because it has that western blend to it. It's one Henna design which you can flaunt at weddings, parties, festivals and about everything else! 

This one is another sheer beauty! It may look quite complicated but it's really not. All you got to do is keep the mehndi cone's hole very tiny. Keeping the cone slant will help you achieve this design.

This peacock mehndi design is for starters. It's very easy to apply and you should definitely try it if you are in your mehndi art learning stages. You can also apply it as a tattoo on your upper arm/back or waist.

This peacocok design is uber chic. I would suggest applying it only in the back of the hand for a classy effect. Wear it with an anarkali or traditional skirt with latkans! :)

This one has got just peacock feathers and it's again very easy to achieve.

Why leave your feet, this simple yet elegant peacock mehndi design is apt for any occasion. You can extend the design towards the toes too.

To me, this mehndi design looks like a quill out of the Harry Potter book! :D It gives you that dreamy effect and it's definitely very unique and eye catchy!

This Henna design has got oodles of class to it. Wear this if you want your engagement ring and make your ring the center of attention!

This one is a clear no mess peacock design which can be achieved with the help of a green glitter pen/glue. I would advice not overdoing it and keeping the other fingers bare as shown in the picture.
Now this one's another beautiful glitter henna design which can be applied like a tattoo anywhere you want! First draw the outline with original henna and then glam it up with a blue/green glitter pen.

Another design which can be achieved quite easily and will look very pretty on your hands. If you have small hands, you should definitely go for this. Play with the fingers a bit and you will be able to achieve a masterpiece! :)

Which one of these lovely designs are you trying out today?

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