Biotique Bio Kelp Protein Shampoo For Falling Hair Intensive Hair Growth treatment Review

I am a total deals and coupons kind of person. Last month Paytm had a deal running on Biotique products and hence came my first Biotique haul! I had heard a lot about Biotique and shampoos which state hair fall growth are a must try for me ( whether they keep up the promise is all up to them!)
When I was in school I had the beautiful kind of long hair , the enviable types :P but once in college keeping my hair open most of the time affected my hair growth and came the tsunami of hair fall. Ever since I am always on a look out for hair growth products. Hence when I saw this particular shampoo on sale I bought it without second thoughts.

Coming to the review , Biotique Bio Kelp Protein Shampoo is one shampoo that has nothing to rave about. As I have long hair the shampoo didn't last long enough for me and the bottle was empty within a week!

What is to like about Biotique Bio Kelp Protein Shampoo For Falling Hair Intensive Hair Growth treatment Shampoo:
I like the color, yes ! I have seen very less shampoos is such a cool blue toned color, it smells great and does help reduce hair fall to an extent. read on for a detailed review of Biotique Shampoo.

Pricing: 3/5
INR 99/- for 120 ml and INR 159/- for 210 ml
I think its a little high for the quantity they are providing. the bottle finished in two weeks (Alternate days usage)
Lather: It lathers well but make hair frizzy !
Biotique claims the Key Features to be as follows :
  1. Provides Healthier Shine
  2. With Hair Growth and Strengthening Properties
  3. For Falling Hair
Now you can get intensive hair treatment that will help your hair strengthened with a rich feed of natural proteins!
Packaging: 3/5
Not travel friendly . Plus the shampoo bottle doesn't come with a stopper and hence I always ended up with more product than I desired to use. But since the shampoo is of creamy consistency, learnt to remove the correct amount of shampoo after a few washes.
Packed in a normal bottle with a green cap, it is exactly like most of the Biotique shampoo bottles out there.
Fragrance 3/5 : It has mild herbal fragrance which I really like, stays for about 3-4 hours after a wash in my hair
Hair fall Reduction  0/5 :: Hair Growth : 3.5/5
No, it did not help in hair regrowth but it does seem to help reduce hair fall ! Every time I took a bath with this there was hardly any hair fall ! For those who have hair fall while bathing and after it , give this shampoo a try like NOW !
The shampoo cleanses the scalp well , but requires a little more amount of shampoo than usual . Other than that no downsides when it comes to cleansing!

Overall rating: 3.5/5
I would recommend this all those who are looking for a chemical free shampoo to reduce hair fall, other than that I found it wasn’t a shampoo that would makyou to rebuy it.

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