15 Latest Floral Henna Mehndi designs for Hands

Floral art is a favourite with all. When it comes to Floral Henna Mehndi, the 'fav' factor just goes up a a few notches! There are unlimited mehndi designs on the internet but you don't have to crack your head by going hunting for the best.

In this post, I have included a curated list of the best and prettiest floral henna mehndi designs. Apply these floral mehendi designs on your hand and graze yourselves up for unlimited compliments which will follow!

15 new and unique floral henna mehendi designs:

Who doesn't love class coupled with beauty and elegance? This mehndi design is all of that! It is perfect for weddings and festivals. It's very easy to achoieve too. If you find the finger art in this design to be complicated than you can substitute it with other easier finger designs or simply go for gotas. I am totally loving this!

Unique stuff is loved by all. This floral mehndi design is so unique that I would like to apply it at every opportunity I get. Just make sure the henna you are using gives nice colour pay off.
Another design which is pretty unique. There's nothing connecting the flowers in this design which looks beautiful in itself and is wonderfully finished with finger mesh design. Totally recommended for light occasions!

Arabic mehndi designs when combined with florals, just get better! This Arabic cum floral mehndi art is easy to achieve and will look beautiful on your hands!

This is a design which will go well with your western dresses too. It is simple yet pretty to look at. It's best for occasions like your engagement or Eid festivals.

Dotted mehndi designs are something I plainly love. They instantly add that glam touch to your hands, This floral dotted design is very apt for parties and date nights!

Another beautiful Arabic Henna art with floral touchups. I love the spacing of this design, it's just adding to its beauty!

This a very easy Henna mehndi design. It's something I would choose to apply on my hands. It's easy, takes less time and will look very pretty.. all at the same time!


Another pretty design. But the gold nail paint looks out of place here, I would totally avoid it!

Roses are red, violets are blue, this a very unique design for you!

Floral merged with mesh design totally works and this design is its proof! The mesh henna below teh wrist is SO pretty!

This design will look lovely on western wear. You can wear it for your date night, friends get together and Cocktail parties.

This Henna design is something I have never seen before. Isn't it so very unique? It's beautiful.

This floral mehndi design has been featured here before. I love it for its classy look and tiny floral details.

Another WOW rose mehndi design which you will want to admire all day! I can't get enough of it. This is and the first one are my favorite!

Which one do you like? Do share! :)


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