15 Easy Mehndi Designs For Your Kid's Hands

The love for Henna Mehndi is born young. I remember how excited I would get at just the mention of mehndi when I was a kid. Something about the green herb being grounded and applied on my hands attracted me towards it and just like other girls of my age, I couldn't get enough of mehndi.

I am still fond of mehndi but that feeling back then was something else. As a kid, I always wanted the best mehndi design to be applied on my hands so that I could show off to my friends and cousins, lol. Having past that age myself, I can easily say that kids are more fond of mehndi than we adults can ever be!

So why don't you make your girl feel special by applying the best, and only the best mehndi design on her hands this festive season? :) Here are 15 unique mehndi designs, specially curated for kids. Apply one of these on her hands and watch her glow!

This floral Henna Mehndi screams PRETTY and CLASS! It's totally easy to do too and will look super cool on a girl's hand! You can get creative and substitute the tiny flowers with something else like small bees or anything else your kid likes! :) I totally love this tattoo.

This one is more easy to achieve and will look very pretty on small hands. Finish it up with a flower on the back of the hand and your little one is good to go! 

This mehdni design is best for weddings or Eid. The dotting line below the gotas here is super cute! I love it for it's simplicity and neatness! 

This hand harness mehndi design is something your kid will be proud to flaunt away. This unique 'tattoo imitating jewelry' art will for sure earn your kid loads of compliments! I really love design like these which can be worn instead of jewelry. It gives you that effortless and fun double effect which you will want to apply again and again! Make sure to club this design with a funky ring and you are good to go!

Doesn't this sweet Bee Mehndi design make you go 'Awww!' :D That was exactly my first expression too! It's the easiest and the cutest mehndi design for small hands. So cute!

Mehndi designs for kids is not complete without an Arabic design feature! Arabic mehndi designs are simply the BEST art you will ever find. They are so pretty and unique that you want them on your hands all year! The above arabic mehndi art is simple yet pretty and totally apt for small hands!
I included this design here because I really love mehndi mesh art and the above design is the easisest version of it. They have missed meshing the big flower in this design which is somehow limiting the beauty of it. 
How To Draw: It's very easy to get mehndi mesh art. All you have to do is hold your mehndi cone in a slant position like you hold your spoon and draw strokes. Scribble and spread the Henna using the tip of the cone and you are done!


Another simple and sweet design! You can go for other finger art if you want or you can even just leave the fingers bare, attracting all attention towards the big flower below.

I really love this Henna design! The hearts are so cute and chained together, they look lovely.

Another arabic art but this one's unique for its rose detailing. Best for Eid or any other festivals.

Zomg! Don't you think one's zee best!! ^_^ This spiral design is super easy and will look very pretty on your little one. The space left in the middle is adding extra effect to it!

This one's more on the Bridal side and is apt for weddings, especially if your little one will be wearing a lehenga choli! It'll look super cute on ethnic wear.

Did you know that the thicker the Henna you draw the longer the mehnedi art stays on you? Yes. That's true. This thick arabic design will look super cute and stay for long on your kid's hands.

I can't get enough of mehndi designs with white spaces left in them. I am very fond of them. This design is very pretty and won't take you much time to apply!

This design will look lovely on your little princess. You can skip the finger art here and substitute it for Gotas instead for a more added effect.

Which is your favourite design among these? Do share! :)

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