Incolor Matte Me Lip Cream in 408 Review and Swatch

'Love at first sight' should come with the warning sign: 'Don't judge me by my cover' because if only I knew what this insanely pretty looking 'Incolor Matte me lip cream in 408' had in store for me, I would have never bought it!

I fall prey to good looks.. but I will be careful not to do so from now, thanks to this lip cream! My experience with this lip cream is like 'love at first sight' which sadly doesn't have a 'happily-ever-after'!

I bought this lip cream along with my Miss Claire Matte me lip creams from an online Instagram shop. I read somewhere that Incolor Matte me range are dupes for the Matte me lip creams from Sleek. I really liked the colour 408 from the photos available online so I gave it a shot inspite of it being more expensive than any of my Miss Claire lip creams, which I TOTALLY love!!

The texture: It's rubbery, like literally. The lip color has to be applied fast because the product dries up pretty fast and doesn't budge from your lips. I tried rubbing some excess colour from my lower lip but ended up with chapped lips.

The colour: Incolor Matte Me 408 is a BEAUTIFUL bright coral-pink shade which is very vibrant and lively.

Staying power: Inspite of the fact that it dries up your lips and kills them, it doesn't last very long. It last for 3-4 hours but you will find yourself removing it off in the first hour itself!

The only reason you will want to buy it: The colour. It's a gorgeous shade.

The reason you will never want to buy it: It's drying. Very drying. So drying that it'll tear your lips by the time it wears off and you will have to keep moisturizing them the whole day!

I like the colour a LOT but still I don't wear it at all, thanks to its intense drying formula!

Bling Sparkle Rating: 2/5 (2 for the pretty colour or I would have given it zero!)

What surprises me is I read a lot of reviews online, even watched some Youtube videos before buying this lip cream but NO ONE mentioned that it is THIS drying. At first I thought that my lips were super sensitive and only I am facing this but when my sisters(fellow Bling Sparklers) applied it, they faced exactly the same issue. :(

I really wish people get a little more honest while reviewing and mention all the cons. I suggest anyone who wants to buy these lip creams to try a shade at a store first to check if it suits them!

Let's shop smart!

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