Currently Testing : Banjaras, Miss Claire Lip creams, Nova White cream and More

Loads of shopping has been done in the recent past. Here is a glimpse of stuff we at Blingsparkle are testing at present.

I did a Banjaras haul from a beauty website called and shopped for some Miss Claire lip creams which I am totally loving. They are dupes for the NYX lip creams and they are as good as them with a huge price difference. :D I am totally overjoyed!

Along with the Miss Claire lip creams what I bought was the stunning Matte Me lip cream from Incolor. I have NEVER seen a colour as prominent and bubbly as this lip cream. This is the dupe for the Sleek Matte Me lip creams. All I can say now is that the colour is stunning but the texture is VERY drying.
There's this amazing NovaWhite cream which I am currently testing. It's basically a dark and dull skin correction cream - so apt for summers. It has this amazing fragrance to it which will make you want to apply it all day. Detailed review coming up in a couple of days or as soon as I have tested it thoroughly! 
More on my testing table are Parachute body lotion(I am loving it's packaging!) the L'Oreal balmy gloss in the shade 'Peach', a super cute L'Oreal blush, Essence eye shadow palette Revlon colorburt balm in 'Standout', an essence eye shadow in 'grey' and the amazing PiK studio pen eyeliner. I am love love loving this eyeliner! :D

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