Sure Women Dry Shield Anti Perspirant Roll on Free spirit Review

The heat has become unbearable even in Bangalore where summers arent too extreme, Iam so hoping it rains soon bringing some cool in the air. For now I am relying on fruit juices, lassi, AC and this fabulous sure roll on to survive summer. This is the best and the most pocket friendly  Anti Perspirant Roll on available in indian market at present, Read on for a detailed review

Price and Quantity: 70 INR for 40 ml

Shelf Life: 24 months

Variant being Reviewed: Free spirit

Other Variants: Passion and Sport defense for men

One Word: Essential

How to use :
(copied from product) After bath apply 4-6 swipes per underarm, to form a white dry shield which will become invisible as you get protected. Let it dry for a while after application and then wear your clothes. Use every day. Do not apply to broken skin,. If irritation occurs, discontinue use.

Packaging: Packaged in a conical white and purple  body, the Sure Women Dry Shield Anti Perspirant Roll on has a rolling ball to dispense product directly under your arms . The screw cap shuts nicely and since this is made of plastic it is very travel friendly .

Texture: The product is white in colour which forms a thin invisible film under the arms after drying which takes about half a minute. It is almost like nothing is on the skin, no sticky or greasy feeling

Fragrance: A very fresh musky fragrance which is very mild and lingers on for about 3 hours. Sensitive noses can try this without worry as the fragrance is barely there kind.

Staying Power: I apply this everyday after bath and the effect is there for 6-7 hours . i have never reapplied this, it is always my morning routine of sorts.

My experience: I am not a perfume person and this Anti Perspirant Roll on works well for me. It gives me light fresh fragrance in addition to preventing sweating. I apply this in the morning after shower and wait for about 30 seconds for it to dry up and bas done, I am ready for sweat free day. When i saw the ad where Asin tests this Sure  roll on, i was like is it even possible? But yes, this does what it claims and works like a charm keeping sweat at bay.
Sure Women Dry Shield Anti Perspirant Roll on does not have alcohol in it so it takes a little time to dry but when Iam in a hurry i skip the waiting part and still this thing works for me. No alcohol also means no dark under arms, another win. If Body odour and over sweating is your problem then you should definitely get this like NOW.

Availability: Easily available at your nearest kirana stores, even online

Whats Good:

  • Mild fragrance which lingers for 3 hours
  • Prevents sweating
  • Affordable
  • Easily avialable
  • Alcohol free
  • Travel freindly
  • Effect Lasts for 6 hours
  • Non drying 

What could be Better:

  • Opaque packaging , cant figure out when it is going to be finished.
  • Takes 30 seconds to dry.

BlingSparkle Rating: *****/5

Repurchase?: Already repurchased this and will try passion soon.

Final Verdict: It is summer and if  you havent tried this yet (why have you not?) go get this and beat the sweat the affordable and fresh way!

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