TRESemme Climate Control Shampoo Review

If there's one brand which gives me a luxurious and professional feel at a very affordable price, it has to be - TRESemme`! I can't thank Indiblogger enough to have introduced me to TRESemme even before it was launched in India. I participated in Indiblogger's  reviewing contest on my personal blog where they sent out lovely samples of TRESemme shampoo+conditioner duo for us to experience and participate in the contest.

Price and Quantity: 345/- for 600 ml.
What shocked me about the samples which they sent out was that I had NEVER used something as good as this shampoo+conditioner duo which was priced as normally as any other drugstore brand like Sunsilk or Dove. The samples I received were from the TRESemme 'Smooth and shine' range... That range is true love for me!!

From the minute I used TRESemme, this brand became my personal favorite and like me, everyone at my home loved it too, so it has been our regular shampoo brand ever since. 

The bottle I am reviewing right now is my sixth empty bottle(yes I used it up too). The pictures were obviously clicked months ago.
I normally buy the smooth and shine range or the Keratin one(which is awesome) from TRESemme but this time around I wanted to try the climate control range as I have heard my fellow beauty blogger friends rave about it. Also,  my hair is getting all frizzy lately.

Packaging: It's a sexy all black one with white and blue writing. It has a pump structure which helps you take out the desired shampoo amount, without wastage.
This bottle is best for: Home use.
Is it travel friendly?: Nope. It's a freaking 600ml shampoo. They have smaller bottles in this same range but I have used those too and didn't like their packaging. What I would suggest is filling it inside small tight bottles for travelling.
Texture: The texture is flowy, not too dense which I totally love because I don't have to mix up water before I apply it on my hair. I really love shampoos with an extra flowy formula.

Directions to use and ingredients:
The fragrance: It's the best! It doesn't smell anything like your local shampoos which are full of flowery scents which give you headaches. TRESemme smells of luxury. I love its scent!

Does it do what it promises?: Absolutely!! It works very well for frizzy hair. Especially when I use it with a TRESemme conditioner!
Bottom line: It's absolutely a genius shampoo. It has that actual professional touch to it and it gives you that luxury feel. It works very well for frizzy hair but if you have frizzy hair, I would suggest you use the TRESemme smooth and shine range(along with the conditioner), because trust me, it's way better and more awesome!

I would recommend: Using it along with a TRESemme conditioner!
Bling Sparkle Rating: 4.5/5 

If you asked me Sunsilk, Dove, Garnier or TRESemme? 
I would choose TRESemme` without a single hesitation! :)

I bought it from's super value day, so I got it for a great discount :D

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