5 Best Live Stream Android Apps to up your Fashion Game

Mobile phones have completely transformed our way of life and apps are here to make our life simpler. Mobile apps are the future of mobile browsing and people now prefer using apps instead of visiting mobile sites because the app user interface is very simple and beautifully optimized for a mobile device. From checking my mails to shopping, I have an app for everything installed on my android phone.

I love social networking and recently I have noticed a rise in live videos. Sharing moments from your life live in real time is the next big thing after Instagram and twitter. Many bloggers are using live streaming apps like MeerkatVlive and #fame to beam live videos to their fans and even celebrities are now joining the bandwagon. I feel live videos is the next big thing in social media. 

I am not too much into video content but I love watching Live video streams - getting valuable insights into celebrity fashion life and celebrity makeup tips. These live video streams are also a great way to interact with fashion designers and my favourite bloggers. Here, I present to you a list of 5 best 5 Best Live Stream Android Apps to up your Fashion Game:                                                          

1. #fame:

Video social media platform #fame has created a lot of buzz in India. It aims to make everyone a broadcaster providing a platform to showcase their talent. You can beam yourself to the world live on #fame app. #fame app allows you to connect better with your existing fan base , make new friends and fans, video chat with them and also become famous. I have seen many fashion bloggers start their own youtube channels where they post videos which are specially shot and edited by professionals. With #fame all this is simplified as everything is live giving you and your followers a easy breezy real kind of a feel. Many Indian celebrities have been using this and it has become an all new way for many to share fashion content in real time. 

2. TwitCasting viewer:

Another live streaming app, the twitcasting viewer helps you share real-time experiences from your phone and also watch live videos from others. Like the name suggests twitcasting viewer has been integrated nicely with twitter and you can post your live stream link to your twitter followers right from within the app. This app used to be very famous in my initial twitter twitter days but now I dont see many celebrities or bloggers using it

3. Meerkat

Meerkat another live stream app lets you find broadcasts from people you follow on Twitter and you can also start your own live-stream . During a live streaming session you can easily see how many people are watching and text chat with them too. This app also allows you to notify people in advance if you have scheduled a stream for later. Meerkat has immense potential and its text chat feature where viewers can chat during live streaming is just amazing.But recetly twitter decided to end support with its social graph and meerkat is facing tough challenges.

4. Livestream

One of the oldest live video stream app is easy to use and has partnered with many TV networks and sports leagues bringing you many high profile events live. With livestream you can even replay events after they have ended or start and save your own live video. Live stream works best for live sporting events but many fashion shows are also being streamed live here.

5. V-live broadcasting app

With V-live app you can follow celebrities and watch their live videos directly on your smartphone. This app also allows users to share their opinions about live broadcasts by way of comments and ‘hearts’. I love how it allows you to express by way of emote icons. This app also has premium paid live video content . 

Which One is the Best:

All these apps are good and have their own strengths and weaknesses.  An app which streams quality videos, connects nicely and easy to use is best option. I find #fame the best live video stream app because it is designed keeping Indian user in mind. Fame also has Indian celebrities like SRK, fashion bloggers, India based events streaming live making it ideal for us. Available on both android and iOs app store all you need to do is download the app and start watching videos in genere of your choice or share your own live streams

Why #fame? 

  • Fame provides original content from the country's hottest young digital stars.
  • With fame live video streaming is simplified, anyone can now stream
  • Hours of watchable content across various genres
  • Converse and connect with celebrities like Radhika apteshruti prakash and Huma quereshi 
  • Share your own live video streams 
  • Fame has some unique features like live video, live chat and video on demand.

Do you use any of these apps too? Which one do you love? Drop your thoughts in the comments below!

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