9 Unique Ways To Wear a Hijab Scarf #RamzanSpecial

It's the season of blessings and the holy month of Ramzan is not far away. Ramzan is one month which has no match. I have waited for it all year and now that it's finally here, I can't wait to pray and do good deeds to my full potential! One very special thing about Ramzan is that it brings out the best in me.. it makes me challenge myself and purify my conscience.

Bling Sparkle wishes you all a very blessed Ramzan. May this month be the best you have ever lived and more special than you have anticipated it to be! :) This month totally calls for a 'how to wear a hijab in different ways' post so here I am, sharing the same with you all :D

9 unique ways to wear a Hijab scarf:

  • The Half Turban Hijab drape:

This is the most chic drape like ever! It has that bold look to it which is simply irresistible. The one thing which is a plus minus point here is that it grabs a lot of attention. The last time I wore this half turban drape, I could see my neighbour aunty's eyes visibly popping out. :P This drapeis best to keep baby hair at check and enjoy an irritation free day. It leaves the neck and the bosom untouched which makes it apt for summers.

  • The layered Hijab drape:

I love layering! The trick behind making even the worst of outfits work is layering. Let the layers be of contrasting colours to get that OTT look.

  • The simple Hijab drape:

This is one drape which all of us have tried atleast once. It's simple yet works the best!

  • The uneven Hijab drape:

This is one drape which looks best when done using scarves with interesting prints. Try this on your cotton and viscose scarves which have a crushed look to make sure they stay put on your head.

  • The tucked-in Hijab drape:

Neat - is the word for it. The tucked-in drape is a 'no mess' scarf wearing style where you tuck in the hangings and any extras of the scarf in your high neck clothes. This is totally fashion forward and gives you a classy and sensuous look.

  • The muffler Hijab drape:

This is my all time favourite. This style is the quickest to achieve and looks quite trendy too. Choose a scarf with a contrasting colour to your dress to do this drape for an added effect.

  • The Arabic Hijab Drape:

This Hijab style is the norm in the Arabic countries. It's one of the most classy looking styles which add volume to your look and makes you stand out. I love it!

  • The Knot Hijab drape:

Say no to a simple drape and go for a dramatic knot drape! I really love this style as it's very unique and trendy. Choose scarves with interesting prints to do this drape.  

  • The Full Turban Hijab drape:

This is the most dramatic hijab drape I have ever come across! You can play with it and have fun giving it new looks. This is again one mess free drape which you can don on bad hair days and just when you are feeling a little experimental! 

Which drape do you like? Do share! =D

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