Tempo Hand Sanitizer Review

You know when you buy something just like that, without expecting anything at all but you are surprised when it turns out pretty amazing? That was exactly the case with the Tempo hand sanitizer for me. I brought it as a shipping filler while placing an order for apparel on Amazon.in. I didn't even receive the description in my urgency of finding a filler and only the moment it arrived on my doorstep did I realize it was a hand sanitizer and not baby oil(as I had thought previously).

Packaging: The bottle it sturdy, so tiny and cute, It's the size of my palm and I totally didn't want to use it up at once so I placed it in a corner in my wardrobe. I intended to use it on one of my future travels. Finally last week when I visited Hyderabad, I took it along with me and it did it's job very well!

What it does: According to the brand's description, it kills 99.9% germs without water!
Texture: It's a gell liquid which need not be washed with water after application.

Scent: The fragrance of this product is very reviving and lovely. It has a herbal hint to it which makes you want to use it again and again.

Price & quantity: ₹20 for 15ml.

Does it lather?: No. It does not lather. It's in a gell form.

Pros of Tempo Hand sanitizer:

  • Works well
  • Not sticky
  • Sanitizes well
  • Sweet fragrance
  • No need to wash hand (though I prefer washing my hands after using it).
  • Apt for travelling
  • Inexpensive

Cons of Tempo Hand sanitizer:


Would I repurchase it?: Definitely!! It was a great help when I was travelling by train and I loved it.

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