#GetCreative: Use Newspaper for Gift wrapping

It is a season of celebrations and gifting at Blingsparkle. Eid is coming, fathers day is tomorrow and some family weddings on cards. I love planning and buying gifts. My mom and even my sisters always come to me for advice on appropriate, in budget gift ideas.

 I was packing a gift other day and I chose the cutest gift wrapper ever only to find out at the event venue that more cuter and more gorgeous wrapping papers are out there and my gift packing was in no way unique! So, i Came up with this super idea of wrapping gifts in a news paper to make them stand out in a gift crowd.

Gift wrapping in a newspaper? How tacky and cheap , you say ? We not really. If done nicely by putting in a little effort newspaper gift wrapping can be the talk of the party you attend. Trust me on that and read on to know more.

Why Use Newspaper for Gift wrapping?

  • Saves you Money. You are using used newspapers and not paying for those cute fancy papers. 
  • You are doing mother earth a favour. Using waste newspaper is eco friendly.
  • Your gift is going to stand out at the venue. No one sees whats inside at the venue itself , so it is important for your gift to make a fabulous first impression. Newspaper wrapping means everyone is going to give your gift a second glance.
  • You get to showcase your creative cells
  • You put in an effort at wrapping meaning you make your gift memorable

Ideas for Gift Wrapping with newspaper (Use these or add your own creative touches)

Clean packing with simple coloured thread as a bow and some customized beads

Paper flower art. How chic. 

Customize with letter cut outs and rhinestones!

Brown paper, newspaper and buttons. Vintage.

Gift bags. Use this idea for wedding favours!

Newspaper bows art ideas. 

Huge ruffled bow. Sureshot show stealer

Simple and cute. Perfect for christmas

newspaper wrapping can be fun for kids too

what do you think of this idea? Would you wrap a gift for someone using newspapers?

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