Oxyglow Nourishing Night Cream Review

It is important to have a night time skincare routine especially when you are in your mid twenties. A simple nourishing night cream coupled with proper moisturizing and sun protection is enough to keep skin ageing at bay until you start off your thirties.

I have dry skin so I need to take extra care of my skin and keep it nourished and hydrated. I am in my mid twenties and I regularly use a night cream but Iam still to find my IT cream or HG cream of sorts which i will stick to. For now Iam still experimenting , having used night creams from olay, loreal, fushcia and more . Today after using Oxyglow Nourishing Night Cream for about 3 months I present to you my review.

Oxyglow Nourishing Night Cream Price: 350 for 50 gm (I brought for discount)

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Oxyglow night cream is composed using bees wax, glycerine, jojoba oil, pola wax, heat germ oil, almond oil, chamomile extract and various other ingredients

Oxyglow is a nice budget brand which  I came across on amazon and I have been loving the rose toner and lip balm and this night cream is also very good. There is also a fairness cream which my sister loves.

The Oxyglow Nourishing Night Cream comes packaged in a transparent plastic tub witha silver screw cap. The cream itself is milky white and has a thick consistency but it spreads easily on my face. I dont like products packaged in a tub and i would prefer a pump packaging for  hygenic reasons but this tub is very travel friendly.

Every night before going to bed I remove all makeup and cleanse my face. Then I librally apply oxyglow night cream on face and neck and massage lightly. My skin feels relaxed and supple, there is also a cool calm feeling.  In the morning my skin felt a lot softer, brighter and nourished .

The skin is very hydrating and may not be suitable for oily skinned beauties but it works beautifully for my dry skin. Oxy glow night cream also doesnt get absorbed into skin very easily and a little work and massage is required for skin to absord it completely. I find the cream very cooling and I actually refrain from applying this on very cold nights becuase my skin remains cool for about 30 minutes after application. If you have had a stressed day this is perfect way to calm yourself.

Will I repurchase: 

I still want to experiment but I love this a lot and may comeback if nothing else works.

BlingSparkle Rating: 4/5

Overall if you have very dry skin a night cream is very important for you and the Oxyglow Nourishing Night Cream is affordably priced and works like a charm nicely hydrating your skin and giving it a nice glow.

Which night cream are you currently using?

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