5 Braided Hair styles For Short Hair

Who says Braids are only for long hair? Nope. Not at all!

From waterfall braids to fishtail braids and French braids, you have plenty of fun braid style choices to try on your hair. Gone is the time when braids were long-hair-only thing. Today, the shorter the hair, the more fun it gets to braid them and style them any way you want.

Braids can be used to have fun with your hair, especially if your hair are short! There are plenty of braid style ideas for short hair from all over the world. Today, we bring to you the best five out of the whole lot!

Five fun and funky braid Ideas for you to try on your short hair:

The Cap Braid:

Cap braids have the power to give your hair an instant makeover. These are perfect for women with broad foreheads as they can hide the forehead and give you an effortless boost of confidence. Pair this cap braid with curls and you are good to go. This hair style can be worn on Bridal and festive occasions and also on casual days. This hairstyle is perfect for a party or a date night out with the love of your life.

Multi Braids with Straight hair:

This is another fun braid hair style for short hair. Use tiny elastic hairbands to secure each mini braid. This will look best on straight hair. This hairstyle is perfect for parties and goes well with western outfits.

Crown Braid for short hair:

This is the hairstyle which you choose for your wedding if you have got short hair! This is a total winner and looks lovely if done well. You can use studded bobby pins and flowers to embellish the braid which will make it look like a tiara.

Double French Braid:

This hairstyle is perfect for women with short layered hair. You can either leave the loose ends of the braids falling at the back or secure them into a low bun. This hair style can be worn on any occasion. It's perfect for summer weddings and beach outings.

Mini Side Braid:

Mini braids are easy to do, less time consuming and look very pretty. This hair style is a head turner and is best for casual wear. You can do it on both sides of your head or just one, leaving the hair on the other side loose for an added effect. Use a hair clip which is closest to the colour of your hair so that it does not look out of place.

Which of these Braided hairstyles for short hair do you love the most? Do share! :)

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