6 Tips to Flawless Makeup Foundation #Foundation101

Makeup should enhance your natural beauty but most people I see these days walk around with a cakey face looking all patchy and masklike. The trick to looking flawless with makeup is to properly apply your foundation. You need to use the right foundation shade with the right tools for a perfectly natural finish.

Here are 6 tips which can help you apply flawless foundation

#1 Choose the right type of foundation formula:

There are a variety of foundation formulas which suit different skin types. Matte, dewy, liquid, mousse, powder and mineral foundations too! The right type of foundation makes a lot of difference in right makeup application. Liquid foundations are best for dry and normal skin while power or cream based foundations are best for oily skin . If you have sensitive skin mineral foundations are your best bet. You may have to experiment a bit to find the right match to your skin type and then stick to the formula

#2 Use the right beauty tools:

It is very important to use a makeup brush to apply foundation . Investing in a good buffing brush is the way to go . These days beauty blender sponges are also quiet a rage but I am most comfortable with basicare foundation wedges which are affordable and also give me a natural flawless finish.

#3 Use a Primer

If you really want a flawless natural looking base I suggest you try a primer. I dont personally use a primer because my skin is blemish free and i require just a little bit of coverage to end out my skin tone but on special occasions foundations always come handy. If you have oily or combination skin primer is a must have as it helps minimizing pores and creates a barrier between your skin and foundation so oils from your face dont react with the foundation . Many primers also have hydrating properties making it an ideal base for dry skin smoothing out dry patches. It is important to use a primer which suits your skin type and if like me you have dry skin then choose a moisturizing primer and skip the moisturizer. Primers are also very important because they help in making makeup last longer.

#4 Apply setting powder wisely

Immediately applying compact powder after foundation application is one makeup sin I committed repeatedly until recently. I used to be a kajal lover and applying kajal over powdered eyes prevented it from smudging but in the process I ruined my foundation base making it patchy. Always wait for the foundation to skin into your skin and dry up before you apply setting powder. These days I am actually skipping apply compact powder altogether and only using it for touch ups after 3-4 hours of makeup application. If you have dry skin this is the best way to go about with powder compacts and if you really want to set your makeup set it with a translucent powder

#5 Relax and take your time to apply foundation

With my wobbly hands I used to take most amount of time applying my liquid eyeliner but that is not the case anymore. Now I have invested in the felt tip collosal liner and maximum time is devoted for foundation application. Always apply moisturizer about 10 minutes before applying makeup and when applying foundation work by dividing face into sections . apply foundation with your favourite beauty tool and blend out nicely

#6 Get a skincare routine

my cousins ask me how I always apply my foundation the flawless natural way and I tell them it is not just about foundation it is also about prepping my skin. Cleanse-Tone-moisturize and even an inexpensive foundation will look great on you. Exfoliation, sun protection and a proper night skin routine will give you the best foundation finish. I personally cleanse twice a day exfoliate twice a week , moisturize like my life depends on it(I have dry skin) and sleep with an anti ageing cream on. I skip the toner bit but it hasnt had any effect on my skin . All I am saying is see what works for your skin and keep it soft and supple making foundation application a cake walk.

#Foundation101 is a new Friday series on BlingSparkle blog on which I intend to share my experiments with makeup foundations.

Do you have more tips for a flawless makeup base?

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