10 Fun and Cute Hairstyles with Bobby pins

If you love experimenting with your hair Booby pins are already your best friend. They help in keeping hair in place and holding your elaborate hairstyle for hours together. Bobby pins for me are a must have, especially in summer but it is only recntly that i discovered some super stylish ways to wear them. 

Early on I tucked my strands in with a bobby pin and tried to hide the pin but these days I have spotted so many coloured and cute pins that I cant help but flaunt them off as a part of my fun hairstyles. 

If you feel lazy and still want to make a fashion statement go simple on your makeup and apparel and flaunt off your old boring bobby pins is stylish new ways. 

Here are some Fun and Cute Hairstyles with Bobby pins I discovered. They are so easy and Iam sure you will be forced to try them!

#1 Bobby pin fishtail braid

Spice up your normal fishtail braid by adding bobby pins into the braid after braiding is done. For maximum impact use pins in contrasting colour of your hair. 

#2 Half up half down with bobby pin clip

Give your half up half down hairstyle a glam twist by securing it with a series of bobby pins to give a faux clip effect.

#3 Hashtag your side swept hair

Hashtags are all rage these days being used not only on twitter but also on facebook and intagram. Show off your geeky side with a hashtag in your hairstyle. This is super easy to do and perfect for  date.

#4 Criss cross beauty

Crossing two bobby pins over each other to form an X holds hair more tightly and for longer period. This criss cross pattern also lends a fun vibe to your hair style. 

#5 secure your french braid

Give an edgy twist to the classic french braid by securing it with colured bobby pins. slide in pins into your braid at an angle , simple and fun

#6 Vibrant cascade

Most Indian girls already secure hair at the side with bobby pins for a stylish do the same thing in a vibrant colour. Use more than one pin for a cascade effect.

#7 Bobby pin crown.

All of us use bobby pins to keep hair buns in place and every time i try this pins sticks out awkwardly. If this happens even with you next time try making a crown out of it!

#8 Bobby pin head band

Do you love head bands? Try a bobby pin faux head band and grab all attention the effortless way.

#9 Tangy Traingle

Who needs a hair piece when bobby pins can help you DIY one ! Slide the pins into a triangle pattern and secure your hair the fancy way. Infact go ahead and experiment, make an arrow, suare or even a hexagon!

#10 Low hair bun with chevron

Explore the colours of life with a low messy hair bun and chevron pattern on the side with coloured bobby pins

More tips to use bobby pins in hairstyles

  • If you dont have coloured bobby pins then use your nail polish to neatly colour palin black ones
  • Add a bit of sparkle to your look with glittering bobby pins. Use glitter nail polish to make these if you cant find ready made ones
  • Spray your bobby pins with a bit of hair spray to make them stay in place for longer period
  • The right way to actually wear a bobby is to flip it and keep the wavy part against your head. This way you get a better grip.
  • Use empty tic tac boxes to store bobby pins

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