Top 10 Organic Pure Sweet Almond Oils Available In India

The natural beauty bug has bitten me and Iam trying to go natural with my beauty treatments which has made me try a variety of DIY home remedies and  research on many essential and carrier oils. I found out that almond oil has beauty benefits in abundance and so decided to buy some pure almond oil to include in my DIY face masks and also use it to lighten my dark circles.

There are many brands selling almond oil in India but you need to choose wisely. To reap maximum benefits from natural oils it is important to use them in pure form so always loo for 100% pure and organic sweet almond oil.  If it is cold pressed even better. Here I bring to you 10 100% pure almond oils from trusted brands which are easily available in India

Hamdard Roghan Badam Shirin Almond Oil:

This is the most commonly available almond oil in India. Packaged in a glass bottle with a screw cap this almond oil from hamdard is priced nicely and can be used for hair, skin and consumed for health reasons too. This oil is mainly used for massage of infants, to relieve constipation and heart ailments. This oil is edible and you can mix some drops with milk and drink before hitting the bed.
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Price: 350 INR for 200 ml
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Khadi Natural Sweet Almond Oil : 

From the house of Khadi this natural almond oil is one of the most affordable pure almond oil available in Indian market. The packaging of this multi purpose oil is a bit boring as it comes in a transparent bottle with a fip cap but it is very effective on hair and for body massage. You can also use it on face directly or combined with other natural ingredients for face packs and face packs.
Price: 285 INR for 100 ml
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Fab India Sweet Almond Body oil:

Cold pressed from the mature seeds of Prunus Amygdalus this almond oil from fab india has a light yellow tint to it and is best used for body massage and mositurization. This oil is fragrance free and since it is cold pressed and pure almond oil you can use it on hair too. Use it in extreme winters on body to keep your skin hydrated, supple and soft.
Price: 550 for 200ml
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Aloe Veda Distil Sweet Almond Oil:

Cold pressed organic oil from Aloe Veda is packed with nutrients and is suitable to use on both face and body. The Aloe veda distil formula gets easily absorbed into skin cellsnourishing and mositurizing it. This oil is fragrant free and can be used by beauties of all skin types.
Price: 525 for 200ml
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Forest essentials organic cold pressed virgin oil almond Vatadha :

Packaged in a plastic bottle with golden cap forest essentials virgin almond Oil is extracted from Sweet Almonds which are cold pressed to retain natural properties. It gets absorbed into skin easily and moisturizes without being greasy or sticky. This one is a bit pricey.
Price: 1475 for 200ml
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Kama Ayurveda sweet almond oil : 

Organic Kama ayurveda almond oil derived from almonds grown in the himalayas is ideal for hair and face. It helps reduce hair fall by strenthening hair cuticles and also improves complexion.  This oil is safe to use on babies, children and sensitive skin
Price:1075 for 200ml
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St.Botanica Sweet Almond Pure Coldpressed Carrier Oil:

From World's Leading Natural Cosmetic Products brand this almond oil is natural and pure and is not diluted with chemicals, fillers, additives or other ingredients. This gentle oil lightens dark circles and is useful to use on babies, children, sensitive or irritated skin
Price: 349 INR for 30 ml
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Dabur Badam Tail:

Badam tail from indias most renowned and trusted brand Dabur is suitable for hair, body and can also be consumed with milk for health benefits. This oil is easily available even in your local chemist stores and this oil is also suitable for baby massages.
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Price: 92 INR for 25 ml 
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Nyassa Sweet Almond Oil: 

Cold pressed to preserves all of the almond's flavor, nutrients and scent, Nyassa aweet almond oil hydrates and softens dry, irritated and scaly skin. This oil also controls hairfall and it is best for travelling because it has a pump dispenser. If you want a fancily packaged almond oil , this is for you, but the bottle is made of glass which you must consider before buying for travel.
Price: 550 INR for 100 ml 
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ST. D'VENCÉ Almond Oil: 

This all natural almond oil is formulated & designed by St. D'vencé in London. This isnt exactly 100% pure almond oil as it has 99.1% Pure Spanish Sweet Almond Oil 0.9% Wheatgerm Oil & CCTG Fragrance butSt D'vence claims that most almond oils available in india are not really pure like they claim and it is better to try their natural 99% pure almond oil to know what real quality is. I say give this one a try.
Price: 399 INR for 100 ml 
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