Ultimate Guide to Dress up for Indian Summer Wedding

dress up for indian summer wedding
As I write this post sun is shining bright and an wedding invitation card has arrived just couple of hours ago. Dad ki friend ki beti is getting married on 15th of may and I am all excited because this means another occasion to dress up in my ethnic outfits and accessories. While deciding on what to wear I got this amazing idea to write a genius guide to style up for an Indian summer wedding ;)

On bright sunny days garden weddings may sound all fun and fabulous but the moment sweat starts melting your makeup you will hate the idea of a summer wedding, so it  is important to dress right and dress smart to keep your cool while you enjoy the day.

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If winters are all about high neck blouses and long sleeved cholis, summer is the time to show off your gym toned arms and flat tummy. Ofcourse going the revealing and sexy  route isnt appropriate at indian weddings so you need to play subtle and never cross the line . If you are still confused, then read on this guide and you are sure to grab eye balls (in a  good way) without compromising on comfort .

Opt for Light colours:

The sun hates competition, it is already very hot so it is best to dress up in light colours in summer. White is ofcourse the best colour for summer but for weddings it is a big NO. Try other cool colours like yellows, ivory, pastels and mint.

Dress in Breathable Fabrics: Heavy fabrics like velvet, silk and brocades will add to the heat so choose light breathable fabrics. Fabrics like georgette, chiffon , linen and cotton with light embroidery are ideal for summer weddings.

Prints and Light embroidery: Indians weddings are all about sequins, shimmer and shine but things have got a lot more subtle in recent times. These days even brides are opting for pastel shades and bling free lehengas and you dont want to come across as someone upstaging the bride, so your best bet is bright colours, print play and light sequins and embroidery.

Avoid Skin show: Indian weddings is not where you should dress sexy, reserve your sexy  blouses and thigh slit gowns for other occasion. It is okay to show a bit of skin but dont go over board especially at weddings where religious stuff like puja and nikah happens. You can wear sleeveless, low back  or strapless blouses at the reception if you think you can carry it off in an elegant way.

Go floral: Summer is the best time to wear pretty feminine florals. Many indian wedding designers have incorporated floral patterns in fresh and dressy way, choose from them especially for mehendis, day wedding brunches and garden weddings.

Minimal delicate Accessories: You dont want to load yourselves with kilos of jewellery which will only make you sweat more in summer. Go the minimal route and add delicate trendy pieces of jewellery to your look which will look effortless, breezy and classy. Do a pair of heavy jhumkas and skip on necklace or if you want to have some fun flaunt ear cuffs. For hands a simple one finger hand harness, a classy watch or glass bangles should do the trick. if you want to wear something more dressy like a jhoomar or body chains then make sure rest of your look is simple and your outfit isnt in too bright colours.

Silhouette Smart: Dress smart in latest trends to stand out instead of looking like a disco shimmer ball. Capes are still hot in trend , go for sheer flowy capes over your lehengas . Manish malhotra also came up with cape gowns , try affordable versions of that. Front slit floor length kurtas with  leggings are also in trend. Go for printed ones like what anita dongre presented.
Hair Hassles: It is best to keep your hair tied up in summer. You can try fancy hair buns or braid your hair. The traditional hair bun with gajra or mogra is also a great way to style your hair for a wedding. If you really want to leave your hair open pin the front section of your hair. You can also add hair accesories, juda pins, head chains and jewelled head bands are in trend these days.

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Soft sweat proof makeup: It is best to let your skin breathe in summer especially fro smaller wedding functions like mehendi, sangeet and sagan of relatives. For the wedding you can go for soft dewy kind of make up which looks natural. Dont forget to use sunscreen especially if it is a garden day time wedding, also keep touching up your make up with a high SPF compact powder. These days winged eyeliner with a bold lip is hot in trend, you can give this a try.  Go for sweat proof make up or all of it is going to melt away and you will end up looking a mess. Use a primer to make your makeup last longer. Keep blotting paper, tissues and compact powder in your handbag .
Here is a fabulous DIY subtle make up tutorial by makeup artist Tejasvini Chander to help you 

Body and face mists: The heat can get to you, to have fun and stay refreshed I suggest you keep a small face mist spray with you in your hand bag. Also antiperspirant deo or roll on like Sure is an absolute must to prevent under arm sweating which can look embarrassing. You can even carry a bottle of water in your bag to stay hydrated while to travel to the venue.

Summer scents: Everyone wants to look good and smell fabulous so dont forget your fragrance. Pick something subtle floral or a citrus note like Marc jacobs daisy and lanvin marry me.

Dont forget the Sunglasses: If it is a day wedding dont leave home without sunglasses which will protect your eyes from sun rays and also keep dark circles at bay. if sunglasses dont gel well with your ethnic outfit you can carry your sunglass case and put your glasses back in your bag when you enter the wedding venue.

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Footware Matters: Choose your footwear carefully, always put comfort over style. Juttis and pointed shoes may not be a wise option for summers. Go for open toe wedges or embellished kohlapuris.

Think I missed something? Have more ideas to dress up for an Indian summer wedding? Tell us in comments below.

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