Dabur Badam Tail || 100% Pure Sweet almond oil [Review & How to use for Dark Circles]

If you are a regular reader of Blingsparkle blog then you might think we are obsessed with almond oil. I particularly am becoming a very big fan of almond oil as I find it very effective both on my skin and hair. I had put almond oil into my skincare routine like 4 months back with Hamdard roghan badam shirin but after I finished this bottle I decided to experiment a bit and purchased Dabur badam Tail which I have been using on my dark circles regularly for 2 months and today I will be reviewing the same sweet almond oil and also share with you the right way to use this for dark circles.

Dabur Badam Tail || 100% Pure Sweet almond oil Review

Price and Quantity of Dabur Badam Tail :

Rs.330/- for 100 ml
Rs 175/- for 50 ml (Buy for discount on Amazon here)

Shelf Life: 2 years

Packaging of Dabur Badam Tail:

Dabur Badam Tail has packaging similar to Hamdard righan badam shirin. It comes packaged in a glass bottle with a metal yellow screw cap . The transparent glass bottle needs to be handled with care.

Fragrance of Dabur Badam Tail : Pure almond kind of smell which lingers lightly

My Experience with Dabur Badam Tail: 

Pure sweet almond oil is very good for health , skin and hair but I mainly use Dabur Badam Tail for my face especially under eye area to treat dark circles which i have because of over exposure to electronic screens. Dabur Badam Tail has a faint yellow colour and the texture is pretty thick but it spreads and gets absorbed easily into skin. I have used this oil like a moisturizer on my skin and it worked nicely. 

On my dry skin this oil gets absorbed completely giving a hydrating feeling and I used it both during day and night in January when winter was playing havoc with my skin. In the day I use a very little of this oil on my damp face and in night I mixed dabur badam tail with my night cream or applied the oil over my moisturized face. This worked well for me in cold weather but in February when the weather went warmer I felt my face become very oily so I stopped using it on my face and used it only for dark circles under the eye. So if you have oily skin this oil should be used lightly on face only in night . 

For hair I apply his almond oil from dabur lightly on the hair ends for a bit of shine like a serum and it works nicely. You can also take this oil orally like a health tonic to improve immunity and brain power as this is 100% pure. 

How to use Dabur Badam Tail for Dark Circles

I had chronic dark circles which i did not treat at all. When doing makeup I just used concealer but recently I realized it is better to lighten dark circles than cake it up with makeup which makes it look very artificial highlighting them even more.
Mostly women prefer to use chemical rich eye creams and gels under eye to treat dark circles but since the area around eye is so delicate I prefer to use natural and pure oils like almond oil. Almond oil hydrates and nourishes area around the eye and also acts like a bleaching agent reducing pigmentation. But you need to be patient as natural remedies dont work overnight. For me dabur badam tail has worked to a great extent lighten my dark circles but they havent vanished fully becuase I simply cant stay away from my laptop and mobile. And ofcourse there is a one year old I have to take care of who just doesnt sleep like a baby (aka keeps waking up all night)!

Badam tail to lighten dark circles : Application method

  • At night use a mild cleanser to wash your face and pat it dry. If you have applied makeup then remove makeup with a remover or oil based cleanser before washing face
  • Take 2-3 drops of dabur badam tail on your palm and use your ring finger to gently massage the oil around your eyes in circular motion. The area around eyes is very sensitive and  you need to apply oil gently so using ring finger is recommended to put least pressure under eyes.
  • Leave it overnight. You can put a coat of your eye cream or vaseline over almond oil if you feel your under eyes requires extra nourishment.
  • Wash off with water early in the morning and follow this routine regularly for atleast a month to actually bid bye to dark circles.

Whats Good about Dabur Badam Tail

  • 100% pure sweet almond oil
  • Affordable
  • Easily available
  • Can be used on skin and hair
  • Spreads easily
  • Gets absorbed nicely
  • Hydrates dry skin beautifully in winter
  • Works on dark circles
  • You can use it like body oil and also on face packs and lip scrub
  • Can be taken orally

What could be better about Dabur Badam Tail

  • Glass packaging with a screw cap. Wish it had a flip cap.

BlingSparkle Rating:★★★★/5

Overall I am very impressed with how Dabur Badam Tail has worked on my dark circles lightening them to a great extent. This oil is pure, affordable and can be used to treat skin, hair and health issues. If you want to try natural remedies do give this oil a try.

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