Best Natural Oxyglow Herbals Beauty Products In India - Our Top 10

Being a beauty lover I am always on a hunt for good and authentic beauty brands which manufacture natural, herbal and organic products. With so many brands and varieties in the market it is definitely a tough task finding good natural brands which stay up to their claim. I personally love Oxyglow brand quite a lot and hence decided to write their best top 10 products which scored really well when it came to fulfilling their claim. 

For those who are hearing Oxyglow Brand name for the first time, its a brand which launched a lot of great beauty & health products which are nature based. They claim to be 100% natural and I have used many of them personally and each time their products have proved effective. Almost all of their products are based on the approach of India’s ancient sciences of Ayurveda and Naturopathy . If you are a die hard fan of natural products or beauty products with herbal components then you must give their products a try, they fare quite well and are affordable at the same time!

Their products range from skin to hair and are completely herbal in nature. Here is our list of Top 10 oxyglow Herbals Beauty Products you must give a try if you are a herbal lover. 

(PS: There are other products from the brand that sell the most but did not make our top favorites as we found them slightly lower than the ones we have listed here)

 The Rose Skin Toner (1) and Oxyglow fairness Lotion (6) are THE BEST ! MUST TRY! 

1. Oxyglow Cucumber/ Rose Skin Toner:

The Oxyglow toner is a great buy and leaves my skin fresh and smooth after I have spritzed it all over my face. I love the Rose variant a little lot more than the cucumber one due to the fragrance but I think both do a great job when it comes to face freshener. It does tighten up pores and its best used after you take a bath. Priced at INR 140 they are a steal ! They top the charts and I recommend them to everybody out there.
You can read reviews of Oxyglow cucumber Skin toner and Oxyglow Rose Skin toner by clicking on the links.
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2. Oxyglow Honey and Papaya Enzymes Scrub Pack:

I have heard real good reviews about this one. Easily available, easy on the pocket and makes skin supple , fresh and radiant, this scrub is a must own in all your beauty boxes! I am definitely going to give this a try. It is important to exfoliate regularly and using this scrub twice a week does wonders, no wonder it sells like hot cakes on Amazon!
Buy it on Amazon Here.

3. Oxyglow Strawberry Lip balm:

Many might find the packaging of these lip balms unhygienic but the product itself is so great that the unhygienic one can easily be ignored. I found the packaging to be super cute in a sturdy plastic pot and leaves a red tint on lips and has a strawberry flavored sweet scent .They are enriched with the goodness of olive oil, almond oil and wheat germ oil  thus  moisturizes my lips real well and I apply it every night before I go to bed. I have also used their other variants like lavender and lemon I found the strawberry one to be the best among all three !

4.Oxyglow Bath Gel (Pink) : 

This is another one of the acclaimed products by oxyglow I have on my purchase list. Suits dry to normal skin and soothes skin and makes it soft. Its  antibacterial and antioxidant properties help in making the skin radiant and glowing ! With the goodness of aloe vera, glycerin , neem and olive oil this is a must try for all those dry skinned beauties out there.
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5.Oxyglow Night cream:

It is important to have a night time skincare routine especially when you are in your mid twenties. A simple nourishing night cream coupled with proper moisturizing and sun protection is enough to keep skin ageing at bay until you start off your thirties.This night cream by Oxyglow is one of the top picks when it comes to night creams!Oxyglow night cream is composed using bees wax, glycerin, jojoba oil, pola wax, heat germ oil, almond oil, chamomile extract and various other ingredients.The skin is very hydrating and may not be suitable for oily skinned beauties but it works beautifully for my dry skin.
Read the full review of Oxyglow Night Cream here.
Buy on Amazon here.

6.Oxyglow Saffron and Sandal Fairness Lotion:

Ever since I bought this I have stuck to it religiously ! It is one cream I reach out for everyday! Fairness claim aside it does clear uneven skin marks and gave my face a lil glow! It has that instant whitening effect. It moisturizes my face and leaves it sparkling bright for a long time after application. It also removed any uneven skin tone and made my skin look clear. I prefer to stay without makeup when indoors and thus this is a very handy cream for now.
Read the full review of this cream here.
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7. Oxyglow Amla and Shikakai Hair Tonic:

Made up of herbal components this hair oil cum tonic repairs damaged and frizzy hair , very helpful in controlling dandruff. I haven't tried this as I am not a fan of hair tonics but going by the good reviews this particular tonic has received it is one of the most sought after hair tonic on online shopping portals!
Buy on Amazon here. 20% discount is always there on this on Amazon !

8. Oxyglow Hair Spa Herbal Treatment Kit:

Enriched with the goodness of amla and shikakai this hair tonic helps in regrowth of hair and revitalizing hair. It comes with a hair oil and hair shampoo  complete conditioning of your hair. The shampoo has ginger and comes with a fruit extracts hair conditioner.
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9.Oxyglow Papaya Massage Cream:

Anything with almond oil, avocado oil, aloe vera, papaya extracts and olive oil is sure to become my favorite ! A very good cream to firm your skin and make it soft and supple. gently massage the cream before sleeping every night and find your naturally glowing!
Buy it on Amazon here.

10. Oxyglow Strawberry face wash :

One face wash i feel in love from Oxyglow was this one. The gel like consistency with small red beads in it cleansed my face without stripping the moisture away from my face. An affordable and sweet face wash to remove and cleanse my face of all the makeup and dirt accumulated at the end of the day ! Highly recommended !
Priced at INR 115 , you can buy it on Amazon here. its always on a discount!
What is your favorite Oxyglow product ? Have you tried any of the products listed above? Do tell us !

Najmun Nissa

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