Oxyglow Saffron and Sandal Fairness Lotion Review

    oxyglow SAFFRON & SANDAL cream
    I am a sucker for creams. When I a kid i used to secretly apply fair and lovely cream which belonged to my mom. I have always loved white creams which firm up the face. And my latest favorite is the Garnier white complete but I was surprised to find a close substitute to it. After receiving a notification by Amazon that there was a promotional offer on Oxyglow products i bought a few products from their site which is when I decided to give this lotion cum cream. Eversince my first usage I have stuck to it religiously! Though it has a strong fragrance I use it twice a day after wuzu( Muslims do wuzu before every prayer they offer) It doesn’t dry my skin out and keeps it moisturized.
    oxyglow products
    Price and Quantity: 190 for 120ml.
    Shelf Life:
    Texture: its more of cream than lotion. the cream is thick in consistency and blends well into the skin. The lotion  is white in colour and is moderately thick and will get absorbed into the skin within 2 minutes of massaging.
    Packaging: I love the plastic pump packaging it comes in, the pump dispenser makes sure there is no wastage of the product and the white bottle doesn’t break when it falls. travel friendly i say!
    One Word: Amazing!
    Fragrance: It has a high concentrated Sandal fragrance that is the only con about this cream. I am sure many of the makeup lovers would give this a miss because of the strong scent. But the scent fades off after 5 mins off application leaving a hint of sandal scent.
    Availability: Available on Online sites like Amazon and Nykaa
    In a Nutshell: the fairness claim is not true for we all know that creams hardly make us fair but it does clear uneven skin marks and gave my face a lil glow! It has that instant whitening effect
    My Experience: I use it mostly when I am indoors as it doesn’t have SPF and it doesn’t give coverage for it has no tint in it. But it does moisturize my face and leaves it sparkling bright for a long time after application. It also removed any uneven skin tone and made my skin look clear. I prefer to stay without makeup when indoors and thus this is a very handy cream for now.
    oxyglow products
    Pros Of Oxyglow saffron and sandal Fairness Lotion
    1. Gives whitening effect on face
    2. Provides a glow when used regularly
    3. Travel friendly packaging
    4. Pump dispenser diminishes any product wastage
    5. Very affordable
    6. Easily gets absorbed within no time on my oily skin
    7. Good for Daily usage
    8. Contains Vitamin E
    9. Suits All skin types
    10. Little product is enough to cover up the whole face and neck area
        Cons Of Oxyglow saffron and sandal Fairness Lotion
        1. Fairness claim is not true
        2. very Strong scent for face cream
            Will I Re Purchase it? : Yes, i will!
            Blingsparkle Rating: 4/5

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