10 Indian Independence Day Nail Art Ideas

On 15 August this year India will celebrate 70th year of Indian independence and to celebrate the patriotic day in style here I  bring to you stunning nail art ideas

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I always celebrate independence day by wearing white and tri coloured bangles but if bangles arent your thing and you want a more modern and subtle patriotic celebration style nail art is your best bet.

Nail polishes are something everyone applies even if they arent beauty addicts and wearing your patriotism on your nails also allows you to explore your creative side. Get inspired by these nail art ideas and mix and match stuff to make your own nail art design or just replicate these .

10 Indian Independence Day Nail Art Ideas to inspire you 

#1 Tri colour wave

Get a wavy tricolour on all your nails . You try this idea as it is or go in for an ombre  effect using a sponge

#2 National symbols on nails

Instead of using the national flag colour get a bit more  experimental and try using national symbols and animal on your nails. A tiger inspired nail, mini mehndi, peacock feather , lotus and more , put your creative hat on, NOW! 

#3 Tri colour wave with a chakra

A wavy indian flag on nails would look super cte. Try it and  add a chakra in middle if you like

#4 India map on nail

This ofcourse isnt easy but if you are a born artist then try an india map on nails . This should set your instagram account on fire if you get it right.

#5 Striping flag inspired nail art

This is a simple striping nail art design you can try using cello tape and sponging. 

#6 Horizontal one nail flag design

If you want a subtle art idea then try this. Paint your nail in a white base and then draw in a flag on it and tada done! 

#7 Fun dotted patriotic nails

For a more fun nail art design paint your nails in white base and use a dotting tool to create saffron and green dots.

#8 Super simple tri colour nails

If you are not into nail arts but still want a simple nail design idea for independence da try this. Just plain paint your nails in tri coloured polishes.

#9 vertical flags design

Drawing a vertical flag on all your nails is also a cool idea. Use a tape to get this design to perfection and then add small little chakras in between.

#10 Tri coloured patterns

Get creative and draw in different patterns using the colours of the flag on your nails. Try simple stuff like dots, vertical lines, floral patters and waves . If you like mehendi try even that with saffron and green colours

Which Indian Independence Day Nail Art design would  you like to try?

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