10 Latest Dupatta Trends: Design Your Dupatta

10 Latest Dupatta Trends Design Your Dupatta
Indian women have a very intense and emotional relationship with their dupattas. But the fashion era has also used the dupatta to make their outfits look beautiful. Be it Ghagra choli or a lehenga dupattas complete the ensemble! Indian attire without a dupatta might be termed as incomplete, same way the most famous Indian attire- the beautiful anarkali would incomplete without a lovely dupatta to go with it. A dupatta  might be a cumbersome accessory for a woman struggling to juggle several roles but a dupatta to go with heavy worked anarkalis is one thing Indian women want compromise on. If they have an Anarkali, they make sure they have a lovely dupatta to go with the floor length anarkali.
The Dupatta represents the Indian women globally.They come in different styles, colors, sizes, lengths, fabrics. I personally think dupattas add to the beauty of an ensemble. Dupattas or chunni undoubtedly look beautiful. Every time I buy an anarkali I despise wearing the net plain dupatta that comes with it, I make an effort to do a lil hard work and get a beautiful dupatta made by getting a matching dupatta with all corners laced, it just adds to the beauty of the dupatta, so yes I get my dupatta customized. Many fashion designers born in India feel that a dupatta is essential to the grace of the salwar kameez ensemble and now the dupatta trend has caught up with the Anarkali styled kurta.

If you have bought an anarkali , most  of the ready made and stiches anarkali’s have a net dupatta to go with them , which look bad and bring down the whole attire by a notch. Its better to get a dupatta made for the stitched anarkalis and for those who are getting an anarkali customized have a lot of options for dupattas to choose from. Here are ways to customise your dupatta and select a dupatta for your Anarkali :
fe41545abe27ae73f55cfb1e6fc917c9Style your anarkali with a sequin scalloped dupatta: While getting a sequined dupatta make sure to go for a lighter color and don’t buy a perfect match dupatta as the Anarkali suit. Many Indian designers have got such dupattas in their ethnic range which consists of Anarkali’s nd suits.
Chiffon Dupatta with Polka dots: I myself have two anarkali’s for which I got chiffon dupattas in polka dots ! They are beautiful. Dupattas in chiffon are super light and the polka dots add to the beauty of the dupatta.For all those who want their attire not be too heavy neither too light then this the perfect dupatta for your anarkali.
Dupatta with small buti motifs: Buti’s add to the elegance of a dupatta and make it extra ordinary ! You will love a dupatta that has sweet floral motifs all over it plus anarkali that are monochrome must have a buti motif work dupatta to go with it to break the monotony of the color! This is the dupatta I prefer for most of my heavy worked anarkalis. Trust me they add to the beauty of the whole ensemble!
Dupatta with cotton lace: If you a dupatta to go with your cotton anarkali then its best you get it tailored in such a way that the material from the anarkali kameez is stitched on all four sides of the dupatta as lace, this gives a unique look to your cotton anarkali which makes it simple and sweet.
Leheriya embroidered dupatta :If you have brought an anarkali which is double coloured or you are getting an anarkali stitched which is light in color and is made up of light weight material then you can go for a leheriya dupatta which is embroidered, it will complete your attire and you are bound to love the whole outfit !
Sheer dupatta with work on it: If you want a lighter version of a dupatta nd want your anarkali to be the center of attention then you can go for a sheer dupatta , just get a lil work done on it by embroidery craftsmen or get creative and add lace at the ends.
Matchy matchy floral dupatta: If you have a wish to get an anarkali in floral embroidery its best to go with a matching dupatta that has the same work as the suit. Love this matching dupatta Sonam wore ! Major love happening on it!
Lace dupatta: This is the easiest dupatta you can get one made within an hour ! Yes ! Just buy a dupatta that goes along with your anarkali in lace material and get it over locked ! Viola beautiful dupatta without much effort!
Georgette Dupatta : For all those who are unable to decide which dupatta to go for you can always get a dupatta in georgette material , seal the deal with golden lace on all four sides of the dupatta, paste a few embellishments on the dupatta and you are ready to flaunt your beautiful flowy dupatta. Make sure you get a contrasting or a textured border to make the dupatta pop!
Saree Pallu Dupatta: Yes ! the newest to enter the trend is wear a silk saree pallu design in the length of a dupatta with your anarkali ! Sure to grab eyeballs its best to pick such a dupatta when you want to have fun with your outfit and go for contrasting colors!

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