5 simple ways to remove makeup completely before going to bed

When you are hitting the 30 years old milestone you get more obsessed with skin care to keep skin glowing and delay ageing. Or maybe it is just me and my obsession with beauty routines. I have started taking skin care a lot more serious in the past one year and the best way to actually spoil your skin is to avoid sunscreen and sleep with makeup on!

Yes, sleeping with makeup is the sure shot way to damage your skin. I have been guilty of sleeping with makeup in the past all thanks to my laziness but I did not use too many makeup products then. I still do sleep with makeup sometimes but the occasions are very rare .

Sleeping with makeup on can cause breakouts because your pores are clogged. not washing off eye makeup can cause a lot of eye infection and irritation too. Here I introduce you  to some natural ways to remove makeup. These ways can be very useful when you dont have access to makeup remover like when travelling or attending a friends wedding.

Simple ways to remove makeup completely before going to bed: 

#1 Olive oil:

Olive oil is a miracle oil atleast for me having tons of benefits, I use it for hair , skin lips and cooking and it can also be used to remove makeup. Olive oil has many softening agents and is very hydrating making it ideal to remove makeup for dry or sensitive skinned beauties.
Take a bit olive oil on a cotton ball and wipe your face of all makeup. You can mix olive oil with rose water in a spray bottle for a DIY fragrant natural makeup remover.

#2 Milk:

Cleansing face milks are great to remove makeup but actual real milk from your kitchen also can remove all harsh makeup easily.
Put some raw milk on a cotton ball and gently wipe your face clean. Milk also removes makeup from eyes and lashes. This is simple, and super cheap

#3 Baby oil:

This used to be my go to way to remove makeup but I dont use baby oil these days as it is loaded with mineral oil. Baby oil is gentle but can remove even the most waterproof mascara and makeup out there. If you are a makeup beginner then baby oil is a must have for you as it is cheaper than a makeup remover but works like a charm.

#4 Coconut oil

I love coconut oil for my hair but it can be used to remove makeup too. Just a swipe of coconut oil wet cotton ball is enough to remove all makeup but make sure you use organic coconut oil only. Again this is best suited for dry skin and you will not have to follow up with a moisturizer

#5 Baby Wipes:

When travelling the best way to remove makeup is with wipes. Cleansing makeup wipes cost a bomb and arent even easily availble in India so the best option is baby wipes which are formulated for baby skin making it gentle and keeping all irritations at bay. If you have a lot of lazy nights where you dont want to wash off makeup keep a pack of baby wipes on your bedside table.

What ways do you remove your makeup? Do you use a branded makeup remover? Tell us !


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