Easy Wedding Hair Styles for Styling Jhoomar

Hair accessories are something which can pep you up in an instant and if not chosen wisely, they can spoil your entire look too. Today I am going to give you some amazing hairstyle ideas which you can choose while you are wearing a jhoomar. But before that, let's have a look at the common hair accessorizing mistakes which most of us make which end up spoiling the whole look and make your hair look rather out of place:

Common Hair accessorizing mistakes one should avoid:

  • Wearing a big maang tika and a big jhoomar together - This is a very bad move girls! This makes you look overloaded and spoils the beauty of both the jhoomar and the maang tika. Go for a tiny maang tika with a huge jhoomar. This will balance the look.
  • Wearing the maang mehndi below the hairline - I can't say what looks more odd than this! The 'maang mehndi' should be placed exactly close to your maang and should start directly from your hair. Even a tiny bit show of skin between your hair and the start of your maang mehndi looks totally odd!
  • Wearing too many accessories - This must be totally avoided. Even if you are wearing your 5+ hair accessories in a pretty way, it's taking all the attention from your dress, so avaoid too many accessories. 

Now coming to the hairstyles which are best for a jhoomar look:

  • Simple side swept hair with one side tucked in:

  • Side swept buff hairstyle with a dupatta worn from middle of the head:

  • Neatly back combed hair finished with a knot. (Best when your jhoomar is very huge.)

  • Side buff hairstyle with hair swept at one side. (The jhoomar shown in the pic below is a bit low, placing it a little bit high a closer to your brows will look better.)

  • Jhoomar with a hat and open hair: (Deewani Mastani style)

Side maang with curls:

Side partition with a voluminous buff starting from the middle swept back and held with a hair clutch:

Which of these styles do you like? Let us know in the comments below! 

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