Maybelline Baby Lips Oh Orange! Lip Balm Review

Lip balms are an all time favorite, you don't need a specific season to be using them. I love experimenting when it comes to lip balms these little tubes are the only pieces of skin care/ cosmetics which I end up actually finishing off completely. I am lip balm hoarder and the one which I am reviewing today - Maybelline Baby Lips in 'Oh Orange' is a personal favourite of mine and I would have bought a whole bunch of them for myself if only not for their high pricing! Let's see how it fared for me:


Maybelline Baby Lips Oh Orange has the sweetest of scents which is not overpowering but very much there and pleasing to the senses in a way. It smells like fresh orange tangy juice coupled with candy.  I often resist the urge to lick it.


The texture is smooth and glides easily on the lips. It's not one bit sticky and does not bleed from your lips. I hate lip balms which bleed and I am glad this one doesn't.

Staying power: 

The staying power for a lip balm is quite impressive. Oh Orange lasts for a good 4-5 hours and leaves lips moisturized for another 8 hours after it fades. I love reapplying it and have noticed that reapplication gives better results and helps heal chapped lips more quickly.


The packaging is super cute, sturdy and travel friendly. I would give it a straight 10/10 but the lip balm does not go entirely inside the tube, it halts half way and extra care has to be taken every time you open/close the lip balm or you will accidentally chop it off. This is the only thing which was a miss in this lip balm.

I am in love with this lip balm and the amazing results it gives. Apart from being totally moisturizing and leaving a sweet orange tint on my lips, this lip balm has that ability to give a push to my confidence and makes me want to smile more and flaunt my lips. :P

Bottom Line:

I love it and totally recommend it to anyone who loves tinted lip balms and has chapped lips coz this lip balm really works!! I am going to try the other variants in this range soon and I am sure i'll love them all.

Bling Sparkle Rating: 4.5/5 

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