7 easy office wear hairstyles you can try today!

hairstyles for office
Gone are the days when you saw only men working at the office, with passing time women have stepped forward and the best of the CEO’s are now women! Women have started juggling and multitasking, there is no stopping them and they are the ones mostly seen at workplaces today!
But don’t all women have the ‘look-good factor’ in their dictionary? Working women in India have a whole different story to share when it comes to early morning before work. Be it cooking breakfast or brewing up coffee , women in India have so much demanding attention in the morning which turns into an excuse to skimp on our hair and beauty routines.Well well, I say no more! The men might just have to get up ,take a bath, wear a suit, comb their hair and be done for office but women? While women face a greater challenge in India , lets make the hairstyle that can be sported to office a lot simpler for all the awesome women working out there !
Whether you’re a pro in the art of fishtail braiding or can never get a bun right, these fast and simple tutorials will get you out the door on time for your morning meeting ! Yay ! More power to women when they get their hair right *wink wink*
neat ponytail
1. neat Ponytail! A ponytail is edgy and smart which gives you ‘Iam in control’ confidence and glossy finesse. This is by far the easiest hairstyles for the office going women to check out. A ponytail with the neat top and thick layers is simple and effortless style for formal events and is most favored by office going women. You can try the tousled ponytail or a sleek ponytail.
french twist
french roll
2. Simple French Roll: We love the casual elegance of a hairstyle that French women prefer, But do you think they spend ages getting ready in the morning? This lovely style will make a statement during an interview or important meeting. Simple and complete in three steps ! The best part about this is you can do this with short hair too!
partiatlly pinned hair
3.Twisted half up open hair: Sometimes tried and tested is best. We love our length, but short strands in the front can be a huge distraction and interfere with your productivity at work. Just twist your hair on both sides with a middle parting and pin it back! Simple and so chic!
quick twist
4.Quick Twist: Pep up your hair within minutes !The updo with a twist derived from the usage of a few bobby pins is one of the most popular hairstyles for office as its the quickest way for a stylish updo!
braided 2braided updo
5. Braided updo : This one is perfect for tucking in all the distracting front hair and has all of the wow with none of the headache. Just braid, tuck, and pin, and you’re on your way.
side swept updo
6. Sleek side sweep bun:  I consider a bun to be an epitome of confidence and smartness. The higher the bun the better ! The smooth rounded high bun with a precise side sweep will go well most of your office wear!
puff hairstyle
7. Puffy top buns and ponytails: The top of your head is what makes a hairstyle and when you have the top of your hair in a puff then it adds to the professionalism! Texturized puffy hair at the front completed with a ponytail at the back or a bun will surely make a great hairstyle for work!
Gorgeous looking hairstyle doesn’t have to be a major morning investment, with these simple and effortless hairstyles you can show off your personality and your creativity every day with minimal effort! What is your to do work wear hairstyle? Share with us!

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