15 Stunning Flower Mehndi Designs for Eid

Applying Mehndi designs is very common in India before most religious an auspicious occasions . Mehendi is an art and variety of designs which can be created with a henna cone is simply mind blowing, these numerous designs involve intricate patterns, motifs of flowers, peacocks , paisley , lace detailing and more. When it comes to Mehndi designs I love designs with flowers the most, they are feminine and look fabulous too.

I love sketching mehndi patterns and doing Henna art and everytime I make a mehndi design you will atleast one flower in it, you can call it my signature style too because 90% of my designs have a flower at the centre and loads of paisleys. Doing mehandi with flowers on anyones hand is a safe bet as everyone likes flowers and so your floral designs will be loved by all, so next time you are left wondering what design to draw on someone try florals, it is bound impress them and to bring you complements.

Here I bring to you a collection of 15 unique and stunning floral Mehendi designs which you can try on hands for eid

#1 Simple Floral tikka mehndi design

For eid women prefer simpler designs unlike weddings and this floral tikka witha small flower covered with larger flower circle is perfect for eid and you dont need a mehndi artist to get this design applied. This design can be applied both in the front or back of your hands.

#2 Exquisite arabic mehndi tattoo

If you dont want a regular design try this exquisite design. It is very unique with lots of flowers some outlines with henna and some filled with henna giving a very modern look .

#3 Beautiful thick flowers henna design for new brides

A symmetric mehndi design with a huge thick flower as its focus can be a bit too much for eid but for new brides celebrating their first eid post marriage this is an ideal deisgn .

#4 Unique large flowers henna design

Large shaded flowers are used to make this unique design . Leaves and lots of dots are then added. Another large flower is drawn to cover three fingers

#5 Easy flower and leaves mehndi design

This  simple mehndi design has a flower in centre with multiple leaves covering all around. This one is best suited for kids in eid as it will look good on small hands. 

#6 Three flower mehndi design for back of hands

#7 Arabic mehndi design with paisleys and flowers

#8 Gorgeous rich Rose henna design

This is a gorgeous rose mehndi pattern in which a richly shaded rose surrounded by lots of thick vines . The vines on the fingers are very unique and give a different touch. This design can be worn on both back of hands and front on palms.

#9 Rich Indian henna mehndi design

This Indian mehndi design has lots of flowers and net mesh like detailing which is best suited for hands with long slender fingers. This design has a rich look but is easy to apply

#10 Beautiful rose flower and vines henna art

A very light mehndi design for busy moms on chand raat . If you have a lot of work on the night before eid then something simple but effective like this rose mehndi design.

#11 Minimal Huge flower henna design for beginners

#12 Multiple flowers mehndi design with bracelet

Lots of small flowers on the back of the palm followed by a  bracelet like design in this very different design makes for a beautiful look. You can try a variety of flowers instead of these also. This is best for back of hands.

#13 Thick floral arabic mehndi tattoo

If you want something thick and tattoo like try this rose and vines henna design 

#14 Floral henna with lots of curls

This beautiful arabic mehndi design has flowers and lots of curls giving an amazing look. The wrist level mehndi with jaali detailing on four fingers makes it  an ideal pick for eid.

#15 Contemporary floral henna art

Mehndi art is being modernised and this trendy design is ideal for the contemporary women. Large flowers with leaves and shading makes this design perfect if you are wearing a fusion outfit like a indiao western gown or palazzos.

Tips to beautiful looking mehndi application

  • Choose a good mehndi powder brand , preferably organic so it doesnt irritate your skin and gives your hands good colour too
  • You can even make your own fresh henna paste if you have access to mehndi leaves
  • Cut your mehndi cone wisely. It is always good to have a small hole which helps drawing fine lines for intricate designs but if you want a thick mehndi design to apply then cut it a wee bit more
  • Dont be afraid to experiment. You can use mehndi designs for inspiration and mix and match elements from 2 or 3 designs to make a mehndi design of your own
  • Add unique touches to personalize your hena design. Like for eid you can add a small cresent moon .
  • A good mehndi design has a nice mix of thin and thick mehndi lines. Bold thick lines for outlines and thin lines for jaali type work inside . For this you can use two different cones one cut thick and one cut thin.
  • After having spent time and energy on your mehndi art make sure you keep it till it dries for that extra pretty colour.
  • Use a cotton ball dipped in sugar syrup to wet dry henna hands so it doesnt wither away
Which design do you like the most from this collection of flower mehndi designs?

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