BioCare Blackheads Removal Scrub Review

Its winters and all I want to do is wrap myself into a blanket :D But with winters comes a lot of dead skin which means ‘Blackheads!” Those who have a lot to do with travelling outside  or having to spend more time outdoors must have faced blackheads more often. I am prone to blackheads on noseand hence I am constantly on a lookout for scrubs to remove blackheads.
Blackheads are prominent and make your face look dull and patchy. In order to get a clear complexion and smoother skin it is advised to use a blackheads scrub to remove blackheads completely. A good exfoliating scrub is best way to get rid of blackheads.  I recently bought two products from the Biocare range and one among them was this Blackheads scrub. Read on to know how this scrub faired..
biocare blackheads scrub review
As this is a brand which I was unsure about I was doubtful to apply it on my face first but later on when i found out it actually was mild I started using it on my face. When i bought this I had a lot of blackheads and I was excited to try this scrub. Most people prefer homemade scrubs but i find it very time consuming to make one at home and hence have been experimenting with a lot of scrubs.

Price and Quantity:

INR 450 for 500 ml ( I bought it for INR 139!)

Directions To Use:

Even though a small amount of water is mentioned in the usage I prefer using the concentrated scrub and not diluting it. Also I rinse it off with cold water . But its better to rinse it off with warm water as warm water completely removes off the product while cold water leaves product residue on the face.
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Product Claims:

Creamy facial scrub containing walnut shell and enriched with superior essential oils which scrubs away surface dirt, makeup residue from pores to keep skin soft and smooth. Fine micro-exfoliating particles delicately draw dirt away and impurities.

Shelf Life: 3

3 years


The product comes in a sturdy transparent see through tub Jar with a safety aluminum foil with brand name printed on top. The lip is spin open cap and easy to open and close. I am sure nobody would carry such a huge jar hence I transferred a small amount of the scrub into an empty box and used the small box for travelling.

My experience:

I found the granules a little big in size and when pressed a little they would hurt my face other than that I have no complaints with the scrub. The scrub removes oil and dirt which are what causes blackheads.Exfoliating beads present in it reach the deep pores and cleanse the skin naturally.I like it that this scrub is very creamy in texture. Apart from being very effective, this is very easily available in your local stores and lasts for a very long time!


Available in offline and online stores but keep an eye out on for a discount as I have mostly seen them on discounted prices!


It is creamy in texture and has fine walnut granules that exfoliate the skin. Once you apply the scrub on face I found the walnut shell to be very harsh but after washing it off there was no damage to my skin.

In a Nutshell:

Its a very handy scrub to remove dirt and oil from skin surface. Walnut granules help in effective exfoliation but its a bit drying and hence I recommend it only for oil prone skin.


  1. Helps lift away dirt and oil
  2. Moisturizes skin surface.
  3. Acts as a  good cleanser and removes all the dirt from your face.
  4. Leaves the skin smooth and soft .
  5. Walnut granules help in effective cleaning and scrubbing of skin.
  6. It does what it claims and is pocket-friendly too.
  7. one tub can easily last for about 7-8 months
  8. Enriched with goodness of Apricot Kernel Oil


  1. Granules are a little bigger and are harsh on the skin.
  2. Not suitable for dry skin.
  3. needs to be washed twice to get the product completely off the face.

Who will like this:

All those who are on an outlook for a scrub that acts as a makeup remover can go for it . This is not suitable for dry skin and ghence its best if people with dry skin avoid it.

BlingSparkle Rating: 3/5

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Do you use a scrub on a daily basis ? What do you think of this scrub? Tell us!

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