18 Indian Wedding Hairstyles with Jasmine Flowers

Malli poo or Mogra as we commonly refer to jasmine flowers are an important part of Indian tradition and culture especially in south India. The fragrant flower is used in decorations, worship, garlands and for adorning the bride on her big day. 

Jasmine or moghra has a very strong sweet smell which is believed to calm nerves and will help you to relax and symbolizes attachment , sensuality and grace making it an ideal bridal flower. A traditional south Indian bride always has jasmine flowers in her hair

Why is jasmine flower used so much in hairstyles in India? 

  • Jasmine flower is used in hairstyles for its beauty and fragrance.
  • Jasmines are easily available in India especially south India and come cheap too
  • Mallige huvu are best natural deodorants
  • The heady sweet fragrance of jasmine is known to having a calming effect on brain and nerves

 Here I present to you 18 beautiful bridal hairstyle ideas with mogra flowers.

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#1 Traditional bun with mogra and red flowers

Traditional south indian bun hairstyle includes lots of flowers and you can add colour by opting for red flowers along with mallige bun. You can even use orange kankambra flowers instead of red flowers. This hairstyle looks amazing with silk sarees but tends to make you look mature so make sure you have a side twist in the front for youthful feel.  Also add juda pins for more glam look.

#2 Long bridal braid with mogra flowers in bun and braid

If you are wearing a bright saree then adding just one coloured flower will balnce things out . This hairstyle is for brides who want lots of jasmine in hair.

#3 Middle parted twisted bun with mallige huvu in hair

This Sonam Kapoor middle parted bun bun hairstyle is simple, looks fresh and young. You can try this for your engagement. Even wedding guests or sister of bride can try this easy twisted hair bun with string of jasmine flower tied around .

#4  Half open hair with pinned mogra strings

If you dont want hair buns or braids then try a half up half down hair style and pin jasmine strings for a traditional feel. You can try this look for your wedding or reception but dont forget to finish with a hair spary to keep hair in place .

#5 Long South Indian braid with layered jasmine flower rings and jewels

For a hatke elaborate look try a long braid add braid accesories and round off jasmine flower string in layers like rings around the braid. You can try this style without jewels also.

#6 modern jasmine flower strings hairstyle

A contemparary way to wear jasmine flowers in hair. Try this look for your reception if you are wearing an indo-western fusion outfit or a anarkali gown. South Indian white christian weddings also can give this style a try.

#7 Low bun with simple jasmine gajra

This hairstyle is easy to do and can be done by wedding guest or brides mom. Bride also can try it for small functions. 

#8 Bejeweled braid with mallige mandala

A traditional long braid decorated with hair jewels and a huge jasmine mandala on the top half makes for a great bridal hairstyle.

#9 Bridal hairstyle with mogra net in braid.

This hairstyle is sure to make any bride stand out with its mesh like mogra flowers knit in the braid. This is ideal for south indian brides for weddings and will go nicely with silk sarees.

#10 Simple fish tail braid with mogra buds in lower part of braid

Use fresh mogra flower bud string to get this simple wedding guest look. Minimalistic brides also can try this chic look which will go with silk, Georgette and chiffon sarees too. For a twist try a rope braid or french braid. You can use both fresh flowers or artificial flowers for this hairdo.

#11 Middle parted braid with lots of jasmine flower strings

This Trisha hairstyle is perfect for day weddings as it gives a very relaxed and fresh feel. A simple long jada with middle parted hair for mang tika and a bunch of jasmine flower strands flicked on both sides of shoulders can be easily done at home by brides sisters or cousins. 

#12 Jasmine strings matha patti hair style for mehndi

Jasmine in mandala, braid or bun are all done and dusted try this matha patti style like a crown. This works best a mehndi or haldi . Wedding guests also can try this with fusion saee styles.

#13 Plain jada braid with jasmine flowers

# 14 Breezy Loose braid with mogra strand pinned low

#15 Heavily fresh mogra flower covered braid

#16 Side twisted bun with malli poo in hair for saree

#17 Simple hair bun hairstyle with mogra mandala

#18 Traditional bridal hairstyle with mogra and kamakambram flower twisted in braid.

Additional tips to flaunting hairstyles with jasmine flowers

  • Keep lots of bobby pins handy to secure jasmine flower stands or bunch
  • If you have short hair then add extensions for a longer braid or thicket bun
  • Always use hairspray afte your hair is done but befre adding fresh flower to hair 
  • Tame small flyaways or baby hair in front with a clear mascara. Or wet an old mascara want with hair spray and brush off baby hair in place
  • For a morning summer wedding go for fresh flower only look with minimal hair accessories.
  • Keep the fresh flowers in refrigerator or water before it is time to use on hair otherwise they will look dry and dull in hair
  • If you are getting married in place where jasmine isnt easily available then try ready made poola jadas.
Which hairstyle are you going to try ? Like any of my wedding hairstyle with mogra flower ideas?

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