12 Skin care and Beauty benefits of Olive oil

Olive oil or jaitun ka tel has abundant health and beauty benefits and it is always in stock at my home because it is the oil with which we cook food . My dad is diabetic and he uses honey and olive oil in his diet a lot but today in this post we will talk about the amazing beauty benefits of Olive oil.

Olive oil has been used in skin care and beauty from ancient time and beauty queen Cleopatra used oilive oil for smooth and shiny skin. Even ancient greeks used olive oil for medicinal purposes to treat various ailments and skin diseases. Today olive oil is extensively used in cosmetic industry as an ingredient in creams, soaps, body lotions and also hair and nail products.

#1 Moisturizes dry skin

If you have dry skin then try the vitamin E rich olive oil as a moisturizer. It is especially useful in winters when the skin gets super dry. Before going to bed spray some rose water on your face and apply olive oil on your face. Wash it off in the morning for a hydrated and soft nourished skin.
I do not recommend oily skinned beauties to use only olive oil directly but for dry areas like elbows and knees olive oil works beautifully

#2 Removes makeup

I used baby oil to remove makeup but realized it has a lot of mineral oil in it so it is better to use virgin olive oil instead. Wet a cotton ball with olive oil and gently wipe off your makeup, follow this up with washing your face with warm water. Olive oil is safe to use on the eyes and can remove even your waterproof mascara completely.

#3 Lip Scrub

I have never used store brought body or lip scrubs and depend on my DIY scrub. Not many women indulge in exfoliating lips and even I did not do it but recently I have become obsessed with matte and long staying lipsticks which are super drying so exfoliation is a necessity. Exfoliating lips removes dead cells making it softer .
DIY Olive oil lip scrub
Mix some brown sugar, 2 drops of olive oil and 2 drops of honey to get a sticky paste.
Massage this mixture on lips and leave it for 2 minutes.
Wash off and apply a lip balm.

#4 Massage oil

Olive oil has been used as a sensual massage oil since ancient times. Professionals these days also use olive oil for a nourishing body massage to help relax and soothe muscles and joints. Take slightly warm extra virgin olive oil and do a massage to relieving muscle pain and inflamed joints. Olive oil massage can also help calm nerves, increase blood circulation and soothes sunburns.

#5 Prevents premature skin ageing

Olive oil is rich in antioxidants,vitamin E and A all of which help in preventing skin aging, the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Olive oil also helps your skin look younger by nourishing and hydrating it. Further, olive oil also has squalene acid that helps improve elasticity of the skin making it firm, youthful and healthy.
You can apply olive oil directly on your face for anti ageing benefits

#6 Strengthen nails

Twice a week soak your nails in warm olive oil for 5 minutes to keep them strong with a healthy sheen.

#7 Pre shampoo hair treatment

Olive oil  helps nourish and moisturize dry and damaged hair.  Apply olive oil liberally to hair and scalp and leave for 30- 60 minutes then shampoo and condition for shinier and healthy hair.
Pro Tip: Applying slightly warm olive oil is always recommended but make sure you dont heat too much or  the oil will loose its benefits.

#8 Under eye nourishment

Olive oil can act as a natural eye cream helping nourish the under eye area and reducing fine lines. Just dab a bit of olive oil around your eye area before going to bed  and rinse off in the morning.

#9 Loosens ear wax

Olive oil is a natural remedy for ear aches as it can be helpful if you have ear wax build up . If you have excess ear wax add some drops of olive oil as it is safe to use in ears. Before going to bed put 3-4 drops of olive oil in your ears, do this for three night to completely loosen up excess wax from ears.

#10 Hand and nail repair

Olive oil with its hydrating properties can heal rough and cracked heels and dry hands. Apply olive oil on feet and hands and lock in the moisture with socks before sleeping. It is better to exfoliate your cracked heels before oiling them . For hands you can just mix olive oil in salads with hand and treat then to moisturizing benefits.

#11 For Smooth Shaving

Olive oil can replace your shave cream acting like a natural lubricant. before shaving your legs apply olive oil which helps the blades glide smoothly preventing cuts .

#12 Makeup Brush Cleaner

If you are a makeup and beauty addict you are sure to have a lot of makeup brushes which need to be cleaned regularly. You can use oil oil to properly clean your brushes and get rid of all the makeup residue, bacteria and dead skin cell build up. 
DIY Olive oil Brush Cleansing Method:
  • In a bowl add 1 spoon of dish wash liquid (I use vim) , one spoon of water and half spoon of olive oil 
  • Now dampen your brush and swirl it in the bowl lightly. You will see lot of makeup pigments and dirt coming off
  •  Next put the brush under runny water to clean completely
  • Gently squeeze your brushes and put them on a clean towel to dry indoors

Tips to using olive oil in beauty

  • Always store olive oil in a cool and dark place
  • When shopping olive oil look for the term ‘extra virgin’ or cold pressed
  • Olive oil burns it properties even at low heat and loses its beauty and health benefits. Heat it for not more than 20-30 seconds.

Top 10 Olive oils available in India with price and quantity

Majority of Indians dont use olive oil for cooking because it is on the expensive side and we have many cheaper alternatives easily available like mustard and sunflower oil. If you are health conscious you should definitely consider shifting to olive oil which has a lot of health and beauty benefits. Here I list to you Some of the best olive oil brands available in India.

1. Figaro extra virgin Olive Oil (450 INR for 500 ml.)
2. Aroma Magic Olive Oil (170 INR for 120 ml )
3. Leonardo Olive Pomace Oil (230 INR for 200 ml)
4. Soulflower Coldpressed Olive Pure Natural Carrier Oil (300 INR for 200 ml.)
5.The Body Shop Body Oil Olive ( 1095 INR for 100 ml.)
6. Farrell Olive Oil (199 for 100 ml)
7. DisanoƂ Extra Virgin Olive Oil, ( 600 INR for 500ml)
8. Khadi Olive Oil ( 280 for 210 ml)
9. Aloe Veda Distil Extra Virgin Olive Oil (325 INR for 200 ml)
10. Borges Extra Light Olive Oil (350 INR for 250 ml)

Do you use olive oil in your beauty routine in other ways? Tell me if you know of more ways to use olive oil .

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