You won’t believe these photos were taken with a Mobile: The Next Level of Photography with the ZenFone 3

When buying a new smartphone most of us consider one big factor- the camera. We all think of ourselves as modern-day photographers and when we head out to travel we just can’t stop clicking!

The feature I have loved about the ZenFone range of phones is their stunning camera which no other smartphone can beat. I have used the ZenFone2ZenFone5 and the ZenFone 2 Laser in the past and have equally loved all of them. I was waiting for the release of the next stunning camera phone and finally, Asus has made that wish come true too!

Asus has recently launched the all new ZenFone 3 which is a 4G LTE smartphone with looks to die for and a camera that can match the performance of a DSLR. I love how the ZenFone 3's camera captures every detail with perfection. It's like these pictures will come to life any moment, simply splendid!

Brilliant Photographer Abhinav Chandel took the ZenFone 3 for a spin and you can check out his gorgeous photographs here:

They have been taken using the Super Resolution Mode, HDR and Depth of Field Mode.  #ShotOnZenFone3
For those tech head among you, let us have a look at the highlights of the ZenFone 3- it has an awesome 16MP Rear & 8MP Front Camera with incredible features like 4K Video recording, Optical Image Stabilisation, 4 Axis OIS. I hear that the auto focus is phenomenal (0.03 TriTech Auto Focus) this enables you to take photos even if the object moves far or fast. I have tried the Super Resolution mode and you won’t believe how close it is to a DSLR.
To sum it up, ZenFone 3 is your smartphone cum DSLR which you can carry effortlessly in your pocket. The clarity of pictures it clicks is extraordinary and the latest features it is backed with are equally good. All this coupled with an unbelievable price and you have a smartphone you should make yours like NOW! :) Know more about the phone click here.
If you have used this phone, do share your experience with it! 

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