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Friends are a blessing but they can get a bit annoying(scratch that) very annoying at times, especially when it comes to paying that food bill or pooling in money to buy those movie tickets. There's always that one friend who comes in broke and you have to pay for him/her. While I believe that paying for a friend is fun, I can't deny that it gets annoying if it happens too often!

"Yaar you pay for me, I will pay you when we get back home" is a promise made often and broken more often.
I have face great difficulties while collecting money from my friends. The reason? I am a shy person and I don't like asking for my dues again and again. It just makes me VERY uncomfortable! My friends know this and they seem to enjoy it and take advantage by always showing up broke. :/

Now obviously you can't go shouting around at your friends saying  “Hey! You Owe Me!” so what do you do now? Is there a way to save you the time and torture of begging asking for your own money from your friends? Is there a way of making sure all your friends pool-in in the first place? Some magical app which can keep a track of everything for both you and your friends?

YES! There is! 

Say hello to the MyPoolin app:

Courtesy: MyPoolin

Mypoolin – Payments with Friends

Mypoolin targets payments with friends and with the MyPoolin app you can split and settle the bill in two taps and sit back as your friends get reminded to pay their share through reminders! Movies, events, gifting, food & dining, travel, party, be it any occasion, you can share a plan with your friends and chat with them to discuss who is in, who is out, what to order, where to travel - anything and Mypoolin will help you manage the cashflow.

Its the age of apps its time to bid bye to boring and cumbersome cash registers, diaries and excel docs. Use the simple and free Mypoolin app to track all your cash flow . The app is very basic and anyone can use it. All you need to so is enter the amount which needs to be collected, set a target date and details of the people who should pay. when all the required details have been entered, Mypoolin will send automatic reminders to your friends and ensure you get your money back. The process of sending and receiving payments is easy as the app has tied up with many wallet services and payment gateways like payu, PayTM, Mobikwik and oxygen wallet.

I just love how this app helps Plan & Pay all activities and events with my friends and relatives. You can easily create a new Pool with friends in few seconds, Chat with them, plan your outings. The app also gives you nice suggestions for movies, events and deals which you can share with your pool of friends and plan an outing. When your friends opt in and a plan is made you can make the payment and the money collected from your friends can be transferred right into your bank account as Mypoolin supports instant payments via UPI.

Courtesy: MyPoolin

Share and pay on Mypoolin

This app has many interesting and useful features like split &settle, Plan & pay, UPI and is a must have if you and your friends plant frequent trips together. I am planning an outing by the end of this month with sisters and this app is sure to help me split my bills the easy fuss free way. Iam already using it to plan the entire trip and my sisters love it because of the deals and wallet feature. This app helps you spend quality time with your friends and takes up the job asking each other money.

So what do you say folks? Isn't this a super cool idea? :D I just wish this kind of app was available a couple of years ago, so I could have enjoyed its benefits in my college days. So much money would have been saved and so many friends would have been rightfully brought to command! :P Nevertheless, it's equally helpful now! So install the app and forget running behind friends for money ;)

My poolin web app and mobile app is available for both Android andiOS

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