Buying a Property In Dubai is a Great Investment!

If there's something being an adult has taught me, it has to be the fact that Investing in property is one of the sanest things anyone can do.

But if I were to ever invest in property, frankly speaking, I would not prefer investing in my hometown, Bangalore! The property rates here are sky high and not to mention the rising and equally annoying pollution and population rate. Just a ride to your office in the morning by your car or any means of transport is enough to ruin your whole day.

I usually have to travel 12km to reach my office and the travel time ranges from upto 1.5 hours to a hectic two hours. Bangalore is a lovely city but when it comes to traffic the situation just goes vice versa.

The Dubai Real estate market is very popular these days and I would want to invest in a property there. In fact, I would like to encourage you all to invest in Dubai properties too!

The reason?

Dubai is a tax free city with no income or capital gain tax. I can't think of any better a reason to invest in a property in Dubai. There are various free zones in Dubai which are already attracting people from all over the world. Three of my friends from my school days already own properties in Dubai and it's from their regular praises and encouragement that I have built this dream of owning a property in Dubai. 

People who have bought properties in Dubai are already getting good returns from their investments.
DAMAC Properties is one of the leading real estate company in Dubai. They construct and offer luxury residential and commercial properties both for sale in Dubai, UAE and other Gulf countries. If you are willing to buy a property in Dubai then you should definitely buy it through DAMAC properties. They will help you with all the formalities and make your experience amazing.

Some of the famous projects by DAMAC have left me mesmerized. Have a look:

1. AKOYA Oxygen

2. AKOYA Imagine

3. AYKON City 

I loved the AKOYA Oxygen - so peaceful, calm and mesmerizing. :D It'll be such a heaven like feeling to live in such a place!


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