VLCC Skin Defense Rose Scrub Review

I have dry skin and take my moisturizing and exfoliating routine very seriously. I love using the Aroma Magic scrub but I wanted something different as I was bored of using the same thing and then I spotted this super pretty looking scrub from VLCC and decided to give it a try. Read on to see how effective VLCC Skin Defense Rose Face Scrub really was for me

VLCC Skin Defense Rose Face Scrub Review

Price and Quantity: 155 INR for 80g
Shelf Life: 2 Years

Variant being Reviewed: VLCC Skin Defense Rose Scrub



VLCC rose scrub comes packaged in a transparent tube with a white flip cap which shuts tight making it very travel friendly. The transparent tube looks chic and girly as light pink gel is seen from it and you can easily make out how much product is left to plan repurchase.

Fragrance: Pleasant rose scent

My experience with VLCC Skin Defense Rose Scrub :

I have dry skin and in winter it gets very flaky so I exfoliate 2- 3 times in a week. This VLCC rose scrub is gel like with micro rose beads and has an amazing rose scent which I love a lot. I take coin size amount and lightly massage it on my face, it spreads evenly and lathers very mildly. I am greeted with pleasant rose smell which doesnt last long but the major issue with this scrub is that it doesnt exfoliate properly, the rose beads meant for scrubbing are super mild and I feel like Iam using a normal non foaming face wash rather than a scrub.
VLCC rose scrub gets washed easily and there is a nice glow on my face . The glow however doesnt last long but my skin feels soft, moisturized and clean post using this scrub. I like my face washes to foam nicely and my scrubs  to be a bit more harsher to remove dead skin and blackheads and the VLCC rose scrub doesnt do both so it is definitely of no use to me!

VLCC Skin Defense Rose Scrub is Ideal for

-Women who scrub everyday
- People who want a mild scrubbing face wash which doesnt lather
- Beauties with sensitive or oily skin

VLCC Skin Defense Rose Scrub is not for you if

-You like scrubs to be harsh enough to remove blackheads n whiteheads
- You scrub just twice a week
- You like your scrub washes to foam
-You have dry flaky skin

Dry skinned beauties should definitely stay away from this scrub which doesnt perform any exfoliation which is the actual job of a face scrub. I am passing this off to my sister with oily skin hoping she finds it useful.

Whats Good:

  • Pleasant rose smell
  • Travel friendly and chic pakaging
  • Doesnt dry out skin
  • Brights up face and add glow for 3-4 hours
  • Gentle and mild
  • Suits all skin types
  • Easily available

What is bad:

  • Too mild for my liking. Doesnt exfoliate at all
  • Doesnt lather much
  • Rose scent doesnt linger

BlingSparkle Rating:★★/5

Final Verdict:
If you are looking for face scrub to exfoliate then VLCC rose scrub is definately not a good option as it cant actually perform proper scrubbing. There are many other good scrub options in indian market which you can try like Aroma magic mineral glow scrub , fuschia scrub or bio care blackhead removal scrub.

Have you used this VLCC rose scrub? Does it work for you? please share your experience in comments below.

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