Fun DIY ways to wrap a Gift for Kids | Number 3 is My Favourite

It is official I am obsessed with cute packaging. I have realized Iam okay with paying more when a beauty product is fancily packaged. After exploring creative ideas to wrap gifts with a newspaper I decided to put together a list of wrapping ideas for kids.

Kids love things to be cute and for them it is important to keep a present fun on the inside and the outside too. My little one jumps in joy when a courier boy arrives home with packages from Flipkart or Amazon even if the boxes contain my apparel . He loves opening these boxes with me and playing with bubble wraps and I am sure he will feel very special if  I wrap his birthday gift a wee bit more interestingly. 
 You can use creative wrapping paper like emoji wrapping paper for kids presents . If you cant find cute stuff like this around your place then you can try these fun DIY ways to wrap a gift for it to look adorable. These wrapping ideas dont require any special materials and you can use stuff already in your home and exersice your creative cells a wee bit.

Iam posting this today because it is childrens day but ofcourse you can use these awesome ideas to wrap gifts for birthdays or even Christmas presents.

Fun gift wrapping ideas for kids

#1 Colourful worm wrap idea for wrapping books for kids

If you are gifting coloured books to your kids then try this super fuu colourful book worm wrap idea. All you need is some brown paper and coloured paper

#2 Sunglasses gift wrap idea

Cut out some colourful paper sunglasses and create holes on the ends to thread in elastic . Fit these sunglasses around gift box wrapped in plain paper. 

#3 Adorable Lion gift wrap

My kid loves The movie Madagascar and can stop talking about Alex the lion. This sleeping lion Gift wrap idea is sure to get him excited. I am so going to try this for his birthday which is coming soon. 
I love how just simple pieces paper can give such an adorable result. For detailed tutorial go here

#4 Colourful polka dot type garland wrap

#5 Leftover colorful  yarn gift wrap idea

Just use colourful wool to wrap around a wrapped present. 

#6 Fruit gift boxes

A wee bit complicated but turning your gift into fruit is a cool idea.  for tutorial head here

#7 Chic butterfly bow gift wrap for little girls 

This is such a cute gift wrap idea for little girls. Infact forget kids if someone gave me something wrapped this prettily, Id never open it to see what is inside.

#8 Garland gift wrap

For a festive or a fun party gift wrap idea try the colourful garland wrap and skip the satin bows. Detailed tutorial here

#9 Crossword gift wrap

Use crossword to give your kid a coded message

#10 Puppy Paper bag gift wrap

If you are gifting something in a paper bag make it cute by crafting a puppy out . For the name tag cut white paper like a bone, can it get anymore adorable? for detailed tutorial visit here

So, are you ready to make wrapping more fun for your kids?

#GetCreative: Use Newspaper for Gift wrapping

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